Thirsty Crow has been one of those popular fables that was narrated to us in childhood by our parents and/or teachers. It is a story almost everybody is familiar with. There are many versions of the story and now the most modern version of the folklore has been turned into an enticing game for iPhone/iPad/iPad Touch devices. After much thought the game was developed to boost the popularity of the already famous tale in an exciting and contemporary manner.

Today's children have become more tech-savvy i.e. more inclined towards technology hence this gaming application keeps them acquainted with the same popular story in a fresh modern way that excites the gamer. The Thirsty Crow is an interesting game that keeps your interest grabbed for hours at a stretch. The game is exclusively created for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only. It is simple yet very much fun to play. All it requires is an iOS 3.0 or higher. The aim of the game is to quench the crow's thirst. It is easy to play as the game comes embedded with superb visuals and smooth transitional effects. The game is designed with the aim of creating an easy to use game based on a classic short story. By making the crow pick and drop stones in the container the water level will rise sufficiently to make him drink and satisfy its thirst. Once the container is full the crow will be able to drink water from it which is the indication of completing a level successfully. Every level is completed only after the container is filled fully enough for the crow to drink from. The difficulty of each level increases with on every next level. The gamer has to pass the pebbles in the crow's beak by swiping. The Thirsty Crow has many exciting features such as expressions of the crow like awesome, watch out, ouch and oops for entertainment.

The Thirsty Crow comes with three different scenes to change the background look of the game whenever required. The score is determined on the performance of the gamer. There are additional scoring methods that help you score more to become the highest scorer. Swiping the stones towards the beak of the crow, it will direct to the pot to throw the stone in it and raise the water level to a certain level. Challenge, as obvious, is to quench the thirst of the crow. The Scorecard sharing is possible using Open-Feint Online Community and can be shared on Facebook and Twitter as well. The sounds effects make playing more amusing. Once you play this game, you will be glued to it literally!

The Thirsty Crow truly takes all present generation adults on a joyride down the memory lane.

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The author brings to the forefront features of the all new iPhone gaming application The Thirsty Crow. It is an enthralling game which captures the attention of the gamer for quite a long time. The author also writes on Children mobile tracking apps and more.