Below are two questions I just answered from my blog about skin whitening and the benefits of Likas Papaya Soap:

My natural skin color is very light, but I have a really deep tan. I've researched a little on how to whiten skin (washing with baking soda, using lemon, whitening masks, etc) but I think I should know more. So any tips or home remedies on lightening my skin?

Papaya extract, believe it or not, is an effective home remedy that has been known to help whiten skin and even out skin tone. There are several soaps that contain papaya extract that are reasonably priced and work well for many people. Likas papaya soap is one of the more popular soaps that contains the papaya enzyme and extract. I would recommend giving this a try, as it only costs about $7 per bar, and comes with a money back guarantee from certain websites, such as

What are some of the best brands for skin whitening products?

You might want to consider a skin whitening soap. Since you have to use soap to wash your body when you bathe, you are killing 2 birds with one stone, as the skin whitening soap not only cleanses your skin, but provides skin whitening benefits as well. One of the most popular skin whitening soap brands is Likas Papaya Soap, which is highly recommended.

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