I am standing here where once stood the mighty Twin Towers that were demolished on 9/11. People still maintain that there was an implosion at least 1 minute prior to the first plane hitting the buildings. These people were all called to testify at the 9/11 Commission Hearings. Others have sworn that explosive matter was found in the rubble. Conspiracies abound, of course. Everything that has ever happened that is of interest and has no clear answer. Why did building 7 collapse? No plane hit that building; was it imploded from within? Who would have done such a horrible thing? Why would anyone have done this? We have been told that Al Queda was responsible and, like anyone wanting an answer, we have come to accept the story as gospel truth. We saw the planes hit the buildings. Why was Super thermite found in the rubble? Was it painted on by mistake by randomly hired building maintenance people? Had someone substituted it for the original maintenance paint? What was in the buildings that needed to be hidden? Oy Vey! My head hurts with so much speculation. Let's talk about the plane that hit the Pentagon. What happened to the wreckage? Where were the bodies and the luggage in the detrious of the plane and building parts? How did a plane with that wing span make that little hole? Wouldn't we like to know?

I, myself, am still wrestling with the Kennedy assination. There had to be someone hiding behind the grassy knoll. Castro did it, I'm sure. After all, weren't they big enemies....no; that was little brother Bobby.Conspiracy theories are certainly complicated.

Conspiracy theories are formed when people don't like the answers that they have been given. Take, for instance, Dan Brown's books about how and why Washington DC was built and whether or not Mary Magdalene was ever married to Jesus. There is no way anyone is ever going to get an answer to these questions but the conspiracies abound.

Why are people so given to listening to and entertaining conspiracy theories? In our psychological make up some place there must be an imagination gene that can be triggered when a topic that really flips our switch comes up. Most of the time I am not interested in who killed John Wilkes Booth or how to find the Lost Dutchman Mine but once in a while one of these things will just pique my interest and I am bamboozled into digging and digging and digging.

1984 was written a long time ago and yet, today, things are starting to happen that sound like the text of the book. We have suggestions from others that there could be a Manchurian Candidate situation any day. Conspiracies are alive and well.

What should a person do when presented with a Conspiracy Theory that sounds logical? RESEARCH! This is the only thing you can do. Beware of statements made on the internet that are so out there that you know they are not true. Not everything on the internet is true (sorry to disappoint). There are a lot of wackos out there who want to be considered experts in certain subjects. Do your own research. The things you find out that are true are bad enough without worrying about things that can only happen in someone's imagination.

Author's Bio: 

P.D. Rivers is a freelance writer currently residing in the Tampa-Orlando area of Florida. She is a professional "ghostwriter" for other people who just can't seem to get their words down on paper. Conspiracy Theories are a pet peeve since most just can never be solved.