As a business owner and leader, you may think you’re always focused on attracting new income. But often, you’re more focused on putting out fires, figuring out what went wrong with your latest biz building technique and searching for clarity on what’s next.
What if each of your questions about increasing profits, streamlining and making your business easier could be answered in less than a minute? They can by sitting down with your Inner Business Expert and asking a few empowering questions.

No matter how many times you’ve banged your head against the wall asking for solutions, be open to having a breakthrough. Ask with the intention of an easy answer.

Use one or more of the following questions to have a major shift in the way you do business:

What needs to shift in order for me to double my profits?
Who can help me strategize my next move?
Who can help streamline our systems?
What needs to be on my one-year plan to ensure success?
What reasoning, excuses and stories do I need to release to win?
Who can help me get the word out about my services?
What have I already created that I can leverage?
How can JV partners or affiliates help me?
What conferences, courses, networking events, or retreats would up my game?
What should I invest in that would have huge ROI?
What mentor, coach or consultant could rock my world?
What practices would help me create massive profits?
What practices would allow me to have more fun in my business?
Which clients do I need to let go of?
What do I need to intend and expect?
What prices would reflect the value I give?
What could I do this week that would make the biggest impact?
What brings me the most joy in my business?
What is the best way to focus my energy this month?
Which systems do I need to perfect to double my income?
What would be something new to create to keep my passion running high?

Ask when you are calm and ask these questions often. Have your team ask them to themselves and in brainstorming meetings.

Be open to whatever answers come through and trust the guidance you are given. Take action when the timing is inspired and never, ever, ever force your solution into place.

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