Renting a stretch limo is fun – to start with! But that is not all, for sure! When you hire a limo, in particular, a stretch limo it not only underlines your style statement but becomes a symbol of power, dignity, finesse, elegance, and an unmistakable style statement that makes a world of difference. 

In fact, when you hire a stretch limousine in Melbourne to get to your wedding or a party or arrange for one for a hen's party it creates a ripple all around – in the literal sense. You will find quite a number of these companies in Melbourne that hire out these wonderful beasts, but you must get credible answers to certain questions from them before you think of putting money. 

Here on this page, we discuss a few questions that you need to raise. 

What is the minimum period you can hire the vehicle for? 

In most cases, you tend to hire a stretch limo for more than merely going to a destination, such as the airport, and leave the vehicle. You tend to hire the vehicle for quite a purpose, like a wedding, a hen's or bucks party, a birthday party, for a funeral, kids' events, and the likes. 

You see, in all these cases, you need the vehicle for a handful of hours that not only involves traveling from one point to another but something more! Thus, you need to know what the minimum period that you can hire the vehicle for. 

Based on the location, the period can very well range from two to six hours, though it will invariably vary from one company to another. Hence, check categorically about the minimum permissible time before you hire. 

What types of limos do they have? 

Stretch limos come in various shapes and sizes. And reputed companies that hire out Limousine in Melbourne generally have multiple types of models in their fleet. Limos generally range from the luxury sedans to the super stretch limos that vary in length and passenger-carrying capacity. Limos usually come in the following categories: 

    • Luxury Sedans – normally a Cadillac or a Lincoln Town Car
  • 6 Passenger Stretch Limos 
  • 10 Passenger Stretch Limos 
  • 12-18 Passenger Super Stretch Limos, which can be rented as Ford Expedition, Cadillac Escalade, Hummer, Lincoln Navigator

Ask the company, which of these options are available to them and find if that can meet your purpose. It will solely depend upon the purpose you are hiring the vehicle for and the number of passengers you will be having. 

What are the services that you will enjoy when renting the vehicle? 

This is one of the most crucial questions to ask. Ask if the charge of the service will include fine-print fees, which you might not be informed about. Also ask if there are any hidden charges in the form of fuel surcharges, beverages and waiting time, or other ancillary charges. 

Finally, you need to ask whether you have to tip the chauffeur, and if so, how much, though that will ideally depend upon you and it's discretion, taking into account the quality of service you get. And then also, ask if any value addition in the form of on-travel music, beverages, and drinks will be available, and if so, what will be the additional cost, if any. 

So you see, this completes the questionnaire that you ought to maintain before you put money on a stretch limo hire company in Melbourne or any other city. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that hires out stretch limousines in Melbourne. The author is also a regular blogger.