Foot care should be very carefully dealt with if you have diabetes. This is because complications in the foot can occur when you have neuropathy or diabetes. Especially in the latter, a small cut can be dangerous.

Whenever you are visiting your podiatrist in Sandringham, you need to ask questions related to foot care to avoid problems. These questions must include the symptoms you have or the medications that you have to use.

  • How to prevent complications on the foot?

The doctor will suggest some dos and don’ts for mitigating certain problems or to avoid them completely. For example, he may suggest you wear socks and shoes, take daily foot exams, managing your blood sugar levels, and monitoring your temperature. 

He will prepare a chart that you need to follow to stay healthy and safe. 

  • Will temperature monitoring protect the feet?

Regular temperature check-ups can prevent amputations and foot ulcers as has been seen in a recent study. Additionally, it can help in detecting symptoms of nerve damage in time. Hence, it is recommended to wear socks every day and monitor the temperature regularly to detect problems that can be quite damaging to health if left undetected or untreated.

  • When to book an appointment?

It is important to ask your doctor about the time of appointment since it might vary from person to person and depending on the symptoms or the diseases. The doctor, depending on your blood sugar level and your health will suggest your next date of appointment.

  • How to take care of your feet?

Whenever you are visiting your podiatrist in Moorabbin you need to note down the directions for taking care of your feet in the best way possible. The doctor might suggest wearing socks and regular temperature and blood sugar check-ups. Apart from this, he might suggest several medications to keep the feet healthy.

  • What to do if you notice a problem with the feet?

If you notice some known or unknown problems with your feetyou need to follow certain directions to alleviate the problem and you need to ask this to your doctors who will guide you on what to do and what not to. There can be a wide variety of problems and it is not possible to note down everything. So, your doctor will most likely tell you the common problems and their solutions.

  • What diet should you follow?

Since you have diabetes you cannot take sugar as is the fact. But, other than this you need to follow specific dieting to keep healthy and to avoid problems related to your feet. You need to ask your doctor who will give you a detailed diet chart that you must follow.

  • Should you be doing any exercises?

Exercises are essential for better foot and overall health. So, ask your podiatrist if you can do exercises. If your body allows exercise, the doctor will give you the list of all the exercises that you can do.

These are some of the basic questions that you must ask your podiatrist in Sandringham. If you have any advanced disease, your doctor will guide you accordingly.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a receptionist to a podiatrist in Moorabbin and Sandringhamwho treats the patients with utmost care for a speedy recovery.