Questions To Ask Your Ex Girlfriend To Get Her Back: How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams Back

Going through a break up is a tough thing for anybody to handle. You feel rotten, but still, deep down you are filled with the urge to get your ex back. But is it possible? What should you say? What if you say the wrong thing? These are fair questions. With that in mind, here are three things to say to your ex girlfriend to get you back on her mind again.

1. "What's new?" Ask her this question in a friendly, encouraging manner. Make sure that you are actively listening and that you are interested in everything she is saying. Listen for a few short minutes (preferably no more than five minutes, maximum) then tell her you have to go. The key is that you have to make your leaving in mid-conversation look natural and sincere. In fact, if you know exactly when you will be seeing her, you can have a friend call your cell phone at a predetermined time. Take the call, then tell you'd like to do more catching up, but you have to go. This will drive her crazy, and all you will have to do is wait for her to get in touch with you.

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2. "I'm sorry." This isn't always easy for us guys to say, at least not in the way ex girlfriends want us to say. See, it's not that we have such a hard time uttering those words, it's what women tend to say next that throws us for a loop. After we say sorry, they shoot back with "what are you sorry about?", then we're stuck. Yes, we know we're sorry, and we're sorry for whatever it is they want us to be sorry for...but that's not good enough for them. So, before apologizing, do some soul searching and try to come up with something specific that you can apologize for. Then you'll be ready for her inevitable follow up question. Doing this will definitely get you back on her mind.

3. "I love you." These may be the riskiest three words you can utter in the English language. Sometimes it's exactly what she wants to hear. Other times she will think you are trying to manipulate her. Or, she may be angry at you and it's the last thing she wants to hear. So, be sure you only ever say this because you mean it, and use your best judgment. However, if you have tried everything else, then you have nothing to lose.

Once she's thinking about you again, you can just sit back and let her own mind do all the work for you. While these things to say to your ex girlfriend to get you back on her mind may seem sneaky, it's hard to argue with the results once the two of you are back together.

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When it comes to girlfriends, men can go from smartest to the dumbest in a millisecond. Many guys reach and fall when it comes to finding the right things to say to get your girlfriend back. They can be the wealthiest, most good looking and the smartest, but when it comes to women, they just go brain dead.

When guys are in that "Me and my girlfriend just broke up" situation, they go into a huge panic mode. Most guys do. I've known guys who drank every night, cried, hidden themselves away from everyone, and they've even gone as far to stalk their ex girlfriend. They just panic and end up doing something that will never get her back in their arms.

Women love men who are confident, mature, funny, and can be vulnerable and strong at the same time. When you speak to your ex girlfriend you have to speak to her with confidence. Be able to open and let her in. You need to show her that you can change for the better.

That you can be honest and vulnerable at the same time. Let her see that you are able to handle talking about the problems that ended your relationship. When speaking to your ex girlfriend, speak to her respectfully because to get respect you have to give it.

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Say things that make her laugh. Say something like "Do you remember when...?" and then have a laugh. Say things that make her feel safe to be around you. Say all the things that got her in your arms in the first place. When you both first started going out, the both of you talked, spent time together, and made each other laugh.

Say things to her that make her see that you acknowledge and know the mistakes you made. Something like "What I did was wrong..." or "I realize that what I did was...." these are the right words to start on the path of forgiveness. The words "I'm sorry" will always be the right words to say to a woman if its necessary to say them.

The fact is that its not difficult to know the right things to say to get your girlfriend back, the difficulty is having the willingness to say them to her. The difficulty is being able to be vulnerable enough to let yourself say all the things that will get her back in your arms. Relationships can be saved and you can get your ex girlfriend back.

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Not all relationships are smooth sailing and most often than not we find ourselves heartbroken. At one point you think that nothing is going to go wrong and wake up one day being left behind. So what do you do about it? It is not the end of the world! There are many ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

If your girlfriend left you for one reason or another, do not despair! Here are some ways on how to get back with your ex girlfriend.

You must always ask yourself the question of whether or not your past relationship was for love or simply a mutual attraction. Why is this important? It is for purposes of pinpointing the root cause of the break-up and to gauge whether or not it is worth the effort at all.

You must also acknowledge the fact that you belong to different backgrounds, cultures and the like. It is vital that you learn that you cannot force what you want on your partner. Most often the root cause of break-ups is that one or both of you feel smothered with the demands of the relationship.

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You must also ask the question of compatibility. Were both of you compatible with each other? A girlfriend will be assessing your capacity for long term commitment. A woman needs to feel that she can always depend on you and that she is not wasting her time.

Here are some of the factors that will lead to misunderstanding among partners: interests, educational background, religion, attitudes, political or philosophical views, views on sex, children and marriage, income levels, attitude of the family and age differences. These are only some of the problems that both will have to face before getting into a serious commitment.

Still clueless on how to get your ex girlfriend back? If you have done something wrong, just simply apologize with sincerity on your part. Show her that you are going to exert more effort to make the relationship work out. Invite her to a heart to heart conversation to detect the problem. Never play the blame game when a relationship fails and instead simply focus on the solution on how to make it work.

You may try sending flowers, chocolates and gifts to make amends, but remember that a way to a woman's heart is through your sincerity and hard work to win her back.

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You want her back. But what does she want? You can learn how to tell if an ex girlfriend wants you back after a breakup if you know how to read and decipher the signals she is giving you.

When a relationship ends, there's a lot of pride at stake, and it can be very difficult for a woman to admit she wants you back, especially if you did something that hurt her in some way. Thus, it can be difficult to decipher what she wants because she might not just come out and tell you.

This article reveals 3 signals she's giving you that indicate she wants you back.

She Initiates Contact With You

Figuring out how to tell if an ex girlfriend wants you back starts by assessing her actions.

Does your ex girlfriend initiate conversations and contact you through texts and phone calls? Does she invite you to get together, ask you to come over, or ask if she can drop by for a few? If she's the one making the effort to stay in touch and seems to find reasons to see you and/or talk to you, then there's a high likelihood she misses you and wants you back.

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Evidence of Jealousy

Does your ex girlfriend still seem to get jealous if you talk about other girls or if she finds out you went on a date with someone else? Does she ask you who girls are on your Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter pages? If she shows signs of being hurt or upset when you're around other women, then it's a good sign that she still sees you as hers and doesn't want anyone else to have you.

Flirting And Physical Contact

Flirting and physical contact are very big signs your ex still has feelings for you that go beyond friendship. Friendships and boyfriend/girlfriend relationships have very distinct modes of conversation and physical contact. If you find your ex girlfriend still flirts with you, makes sexual comments, or talks to you in a way as if you're still together, then rest assured she's not totally over you.

When you see each other does she try to hold your hand? Does she kiss you on the cheek or show you other signs of affection? If she's showing signs of physical contact when you are no longer boyfriend/girlfriend, then this can indicate she's trying to read your feelings toward her and/or trying to work her way back into a relationship without having to get into the drama of talking about it.

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