Thinking up of the right questions to ask your girlfriend is still of the essence even when both of you have already been together for a considerable amount of time already. You might claim to know all about her but there will always be some aspect about her that you have yet to discover and learn. Make use of those idle times that you have to fully know and strengthen the foundation of your relationship and commitment with each other. Below are the few kinds of questions to ask about a girl to get to know the real her and know how both of you will fare out in the future.

One of the best questions that you can ask you girlfriend is the one that concerns your relationship. Get to know her thoughts about the both of you being together and ask her what her view is of you. Questions such as “Why are you my girlfriend?” or “If you have never met me, would you have a boyfriend?” are good openers on this topic. Also delve down deeper issues that are of a concern to both of you and ask “Is there a trait that you find unattractive about me?” or “How would you visualize a perfect relationship?” These things to talk about with a girl will give you relationship a more solid foundation.

Another set of questions that you can ask your girlfriend is that which talks about her. This is considered as one of the most important topics since you aim to get to know her deeper in the first place. Some of the best examples of questions that you can ask her are “What do you enjoy doing with them when you spend some time with your family and friends?” and “What are your three strengths? What about your 3 weaknesses?” Veer away from those questions that ask about her favorite color or television series since you are bound to have known them already early on in the relationship.

Those questions that start with “Do You” are another one of the best things to talk about with your girlfriend. Add some follow-up questions to allow her to expand on her answer since these types of talk will only require a yes or no from her. “Do you think that you are an honest person?” and “Do you have any kind of plans on how to handle a relationship in which you are personally committed to?” are just some of the best examples that you can make use of.

The next topics on what to talk about with your girlfriend are those questions that start with “What If”. You can opt on where this kind of talk will tread on - whether you opt to go for a serious talk or to an amusing one. “If you get into an accident which left you disabled, would you still choose to continue with the relationship that you currently have?” and “If you gave birth to a baby with a defect, how would react and deal with it?” are some examples that will give you conversation a more serious dimension. You can also inject some interest and even humor into your relationship by asking questions such like “If you won a million dollars today, what is the first thing that you will buy?”

There are so many good things to talk about with a girl that you can choose from. Make her as your own reference in choosing the right and most appropriate questions to ask her and ensure an interesting exchange of questions and answers between the both of you. Know that sometimes, the kind of questions to ask your girlfriend does not have to necessarily matter since it will highly depend on how to make your talk interesting

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