Studying abroad is going to be a whole new experience. For most of us, it is a dream to live that #independantlife #innyc. You can pursue your education anywhere from the USA to Canada and also from London to New Zealand. It depends on a lot of factors as to where you are going to fly and what university you might find your seat waiting for you. This is where counselling comes to play. Abroad Education Expert help you understand a lot of factors you lack to realize or forget to research yourself. The compatibility of your marks to the universities you want to apply for, your ability to choose a country considering your finances.

Let us see a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before going to meet your counsellor to keep the process smooth and efficient for both of you.

1. What is your goal?

This is the main point. All of us have different reasons to want to go abroad for our education. Some of us seek quality education while some of us seek to experience. It is important to ask yourself what is that you are looking for in this whole plan of yours. It is important as you will have to be able to answer the same to your consultant. You don't have to worry about your answers to a whole different extent as you do for your Visa interview. This session will be more to understand your requirements as a student and help you get there. So, ask yourself what are the factors that are driving you towards this option and keep your answers ready.

2. What is your dream location?

All the excitement about studying abroad is this. The city you have been dreaming to land in and become a local and experience everything about it. You got to keep a list of cities and not just one. Because most of the times we dream of one place forgetting so many factors. So it is very important to be open to different options. Put all the places you have in your mind on the table and with the help of your consultant analyze which will be the best option for you. After all, it is going to be a new journey irrespective of the city you choose.

3. Does your finance match the city of your dreams?

Most of the times, we forget the financial compatibility in a particular situation. For some of us studying in NYC might be feasible. For some of us, it has to be Michigan. Though the universities cost the same, the living cost varies vastly. It is going to be very difficult to understand the financial needs of different cities. Hence, you can’t keep changing your budget for every city you decide to study in. Instead, you need to come up with a budget for your study plan. This will help both you and your consultant to focus on which city is best suitable for your budget.

4. Does your credit match the university requirements?

Apart from all the other processes, you also will have to sit with your academic counsellor and understand academic needs. The universities have a strict cut-off when it comes to academic and your entrance exam score. You need to see what your range is and where you aim at. Tell that to your counsellor. They will be able to find the universities that come under that criteria and this will help you focus on a certain goal.

5. Any specific consideration

If you are a person looking for a particular weather condition, certain medication requirements, then you need to mention them in your counselling. This is very important as all the countries have their own culture, rules and regulations, medical policies and other such things. If you are a person who is on a particular medication make sure your health matches the climatic conditions of that country and also that they have medication for your condition. This will make you not only feel safe in the country but also stay healthy and focus on the purpose of your stay there.

6. What do you have in your mind

It is important to mention the type of experience you are looking forward to. Do you want a very studious atmosphere, or a very chilled atmosphere, or a place where innovation and start-ups are encouraged? It is for you to decide what is that you are looking for and where do you see yourself most productive and satisfied. This will help your counsellor suggest you universities and cities that suits best your requirements.

7. Everything you want to ask

Your counsellor will analyze your requirements bit by bit and direct you towards what best suits you. Hence, you must mention everything you have in your mind. Unwrap your questions and make it an open session. Be free to point out things that you want and don't want. After all, you know what exactly you want.

A lot of perceptions we get through the internet are unreal. Sometimes the reality will be so different. Hence, getting a counsellor will make a lot of difference. They guide hundreds of students to their dream destinations every year and that makes them a reliable source of information.

Keeping your research on track and your interest in line and approaching them will make it easier for them to give a better result. So, keep your study abroad list ready and go meet a abroad education expert today!

All the very best!

Author's Bio: 

Shalaka is a skilled education expert & a writer by profession at Walnut Folks. She understands the education systems of varied countries & helps students make the right choices for learning abroad.