For successful infertility treatment, fertility clinics and specialists play a critical role and that is the reason why the selection of fertility clinics and doctor needs a strong consideration in your fertility journey. Infertility treatments are very demand able procedures in terms of patience and emotions.

Remember it’s your treatment, so you should be well informed about the techniques and the entire procedures that your doctor is going to use. You must be comfortable with the treatment suggested you. If you choose best clinic for you, their doctors and staff will be always there to help you and discuss your concerns and queries.

As long as you believe on the fact that infertility treatments are now become more successful than past few years, you won’t ensure which option is better for you and will give you positive result as well. The more you know about the clinic, doctor and treatment procedure, the more you will be confident throughout your infertility journey.

This article will help you in asking some of the vital questions that you must consider in your initial consultation with fertility specialist.

1. What are the diagnostic tests required and how does my condition specifically interfere with infertility? (For females, myriad of exams and tests are there, however semen analysis is common test for male infertility)

2. In case your infertility cause cannot be determined than what are the options available for you? You must ask about the unexplained infertility, however, several treatments can be performed for this kind of infertility but it’s good to know about the other diagnosis and treatment available for you.

3. Does my partner’s condition interfere with my infertility? Does he/she also need to go through any fertility testing?

4. Ask for any risks or side effects associated with the fertility diagnosis process and medications your doctor recommends?

5. What are the chances of success for the treatment you suggested for me and why do you recommend this one for me?

6. Is there any alternative treatment for me? If yes, what does it and why you think that one is less suitable for me? Are there any non medical treatments available for my infertility?

7. Is my growing age affects my infertility and its treatment?

8. Which doctor will going to treat me? Make sure that your clinic provides you same doctor throughout the treatment with whom you must feel comfortable.

9. In case my treatment fails, how many cycles you recommend before going for another option?

10. Do I need to modify my lifestyle to increase the chances of conceiving?

11. What does the treatment cost? Ask will your insurance cover the infertility treatment cost? Are there any other costs that may arise during or after the treatment?

12. What are the aspects of using egg donor program at your clinic? Are you providing me the opportunity to select donor or you do it yourself?

13. Can we contact your former patients who have undergone the same treatment procedure?

In addition with above questions, if you have any other query, ask it. Never hesitate to ask anything which you want to know about the treatment and all

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