Many times, People look for options and places wherein they can earn an extra income. This is one of the core reasons why people invest in mutual funds, bonds, shares as well as Pyramid schemes, which work on Multi Level Marketing. Although it may be true that a lot of times, some people use pyramid schemes in order to con others of their money, but it is also true that genuine multi level marketing networks do exist successfully, benefitting a lot of people. Questnet Fraud is one big misconception and Questnet operates as a genuine and successful network of many satisfied customers.

Questnet is a global direct selling company and one of the largest, with an array of products to offer from watches and personal care to vacation packages. Since its inception, the company as had an ever growing network of satisfied customers, a lot of who have turned in Individual Representatives (IR). The concept behind this network based marketing is that consumers who are satisfied can turn into IRs and refer and sell products to other customers. These IRs get compensation from the company based on the volume of sale done by them. Questnet does not promise people “quick and easy money”. Unlike any other company, one cannot expect to get any returns without putting in the required amount of time and energy.

Like every other company, there are always a bunch of people who resort to unethical practices for their selfish gains. If someone is incapable of making money due to his shortcomings, he cannot blame it on the company. And that is what happened. The incapability of a few to succeed resulted in them maligning the company resulting in the Questnet Fraud reports being circulated. Questnet does not guarantee any IR any amount of compensation, the policy clearly states that the compensation will be based on the amount of sale done. Thus the question of cheating people does not arise.

Questnet Fraud reports are completely baseless to begin with. Multi Level Marketing is all about forming a good and strong network of satisfied consumers. Questnet has a huge network and that is solely due to the perfect quality of products and services. The company greatly values the trust that every customer places in them. And this is one of the major reasons why Questnet is successful, with innumerable positive and success stories in their credit.

The people behind the whole accusation and the reason for the Questnet Fraud reports, are the ones who are completely unaware how to work a multi level marketing network and be a part of multinational conglomerates. These baseless accusations are a result of the shortcomings of few such people. There are innumerable success stories of people leading a life of luxury due to Questnet to refute the various fraud claims. It just takes plain common sense to realize that a company that is ruling the roof when it comes to direct selling would never be this successful if it were a sham and a cheat. The fact that it has come such a long way with a huge network says it all.

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