In a world where everything is fast becoming expensive while salaries are stable people are finding it hard to cope up. One source of income is no longer enough to satisfy the needs of an entire family. As a result more and more people are looking at different ways to secure an alternative source of income or make quick money on the side. However they are a lot of fake schemes and companies that are in the market, which make exaggerated claims and extract money of out innocent people. While some companies do it intentionally others fall into the trap of bad publicity. Such is the case of the Questnet Fraud stories wherein the company has been accused of a number of preposterous things.

The Questnet Fraud stories doing the rounds on the World Wide Web claim that the company uses an illegal pyramid scheme to dupe people and their products are contaminated and fake. In an industry like marketing where competition is fierce and cut throat it is not uncommon for companies to go to great lengths to get customers. Some make false claims, some take huge registration amounts while other spread false rumors about competitors. Many rival companies of Questnet have spread these false rumors in a bid to steal their strong customer base. Questnet has been in existence for the past 14 years now and has been successfully serving people all over the world. At the moment they are present in over 140 countries through branch offices and independent representatives. This company uses a direct selling form of marketing wherein their independent representatives use the system or referral marketing or network marketing to sell the company’s products and recruit new members. They use a legal pyramid system where the members are compensated for every new member they bring into the company. Further they are also compensated for every sale the member they recruited makes as well as the sales they make on their own. As you can see their compensation system is clear and simple to understand. Where most people misjudge the company is when it comes to the money making factor. Quest offers plenty of opportunities to make money through selling their wide range of products to the masses. They also equip the newly recruited members with training so that they know how to interact with prospective employees and how to sell the products to them. However, direct selling is not an easy task and is directly dependent on the amount of effort the representative is willing to make. This is where most people falter and end up blaming the company.

Some of the Questnet Fraud complaints that have been made by members are usually untrue. They make these claims because they have been unsuccessful in exploiting the opportunities Questnet has given them. Questnet’s 1.2 million-person member base is proof that this company is not only legitimate but is also home to many successful individuals. These people are proof that one can make a lot of money working with this company provided they make an honest effort. So the next time you read a Questnet fraud story online, think twice before believing everything you read.

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