How many of us go and read the reviews about a company, a product or a website before actually interacting with them? I am sure many of us have that habit or an innate safety instinct to know an entity before associating ourselves with it. Well even if these cautious habits maybe right, there are a few drawbacks to it. While the internet has its strong points, in recent times there is a lot online that you cannot rely on, especially in such scenarios. The web is not as a secure place as we may think, as it may not always offer the truth. The scams and stories present are more often than not, one individual’s version and there is nothing that offers you the certainty you want. This is exactly what has happened with the Questnet reviews.

Questnet is one of the largest direct selling companies around the globe. Providing a wide range of products to innumerable satisfied customers, this company has been functional and operating successfully for more than a decade. As far as you think of the authenticity of the Questnet reviews, a company with such a huge customer base cannot possible be a fraud and be successful at the same time. The major confusion with the company is that the reviews floating around online claim that the company uses a pyramid scheme to con people off their money. Doing a bit of research, it becomes evident that the company employs a multi level marketing strategy, which is not a pyramid scheme and is a legit way to promote one’s products.

According to the multi level marketing strategy, the company works on networking and word of mouth publicity. Therefore, if there has not been an advert to influence people into joining, how can it be indulging in cheat and unethical practices? As per the strategy adopted, the satisfied customers can choose to be associated with the company and become Individual Representatives (IR). They are asked to undergo rigorous training and informed about the various company policies. These representatives can in turn promote the products to other interested customers and for that they get certain compensation from the company. The process is fairly simple, and a question of fraudulent practices does not arise.

These various reports of the Questnet review circulating on the Internet are nothing but a big fallacy. The products offered by the company undergo a series of quality control tests and are registered with many quality control organisations the world over. Therefore, this bit of information is enough to refute the claim in the reports saying that the products are substandard.

It is a common saying that one wrong ingredient in the milk can spoil the entire cauldron. Just because a few people are incapable of performing and surviving in a networking business, the company cannot take the bullet for them. Not one company under the sun will pay money or share profit if a person fails to do perform his duties or meet the deadline. And this company is no different. Questnet reviews present online is just one example why you should not trust everything that you come across on the Internet.

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