It isn't long until spring comes around knocking and while most of us wait for the winters to go away soon, the lawn to waits for it. With the cold taking a toll on the grass, it longs to breathe fresh air that is usually available during the springtime. While regular mowing is something mandatory for the grass to be in good health and grow normally, there us the need to ensure the fact that it is in the best condition no matter what.

With spring arriving and you taking precautions accordingly, there is the need for you to remember that any rush from your end may bring in trouble especially when you make a lot of care in maintaining your garden. Here are a few tips to start with the lawn care which should be slow yet effective.

Let the Grass Come Back to Its Form

With the extreme cold, the grass is known to freeze with it taking time to go back to normal once the winter is passing by. Experts with garden maintenance agree that mowing or probably aerating the lawn almost immediately can lead to chunks of grass coming off the soil especially when it is frozen underneath. When that happens, you would be left with a cobbled lawn which would lead to the growth of weed while filling up gaps during the absence of the grass. Let it take time to soak up the sun and then perform mowing activities.

Make Your Mowing Equipment Ready to Work

While winters do witness much of lawn care, but there is the need for you to make the equipment ready for use once it is time. This would mean sharpening the blades and oiling the machine altogether. You wouldn't want blunt blades to cut through the grass and give it a bad shape while also preventing it to grow. Therefore, polishing and making your mowing tools ready until the chill is gone lest you bring back life to the grass in your lawn.

Try to Seed the Bare Patches of the Lawn

There are times when lawn witnesses bare patches mostly when there is pet poop or probably drying up of the grass for multiple reasons once the winter is gone, seed the areas well and give it time for new grass to grow back. This is just the right time for you to do perform this lawn care by professionals, as summers would again take a toll on the grass and ruin it due to the excessive heat.

Prevent Weed Growth

This is the time when your lawn would be the witness to multiple weeds that often overpower the grass. When you know that things may take a drastic turn, apply weedicides beforehand just so that there aren't any extra growth and the grass gets to thrive well. Weed along with grass prevents the right growth, and that is when your lawn starts to disintegrate. Once ignore, you would find the entire lawn covered and no amount of physical picking would prevent it from growing back. Applying chemicals at that time may affect the condition of the grass as well.

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