Summer is here! Time to relax, sleep in, and …get organized? While most aren’t looking for a big summer project (see and if you are), there some quick and easy things you can do this summer to look and feel more organized:

• Play Match Game. Check the plastic bowls in your kitchen. Toss or donate any that don’t have lids. Make sure the bowls nest well with others. Get rid of the “lone rangers” that don’t nest. Stack lids under the bowls for easy match ups later.

• Fix or toss. Gather any items that are broken in your home or office. Give yourself one month (put the deadline on your calendar!) to get each item fixed. Toss whatever is still not fixed at the end of the month’s time.

• Update your photos. Take a look at each photo on display in your home or office. Is it current? Do you like it? Does it still represent an important person in your life? Does the frame match your décor? A few well-chosen up-to-date photos are better than a wall or shelf full of outdated ones.

• Get it done. Do that one chore (not project) that you’ve been putting off. Break it down into smaller steps if needed. Celebrate when you’ve finally completed it.

• Bag those cords. Gather all the extra electronic cords (and toss the empty boxes). Determine which ones need to be kept (get help if needed) and store them in a large Ziploc bag.

• Conquer a pet peeve. What is the one thing (not person!) in your home or office that bugs you? Get rid of it, replace it, or put it on your wish list for Christmas or your birthday. Life is too short to put up with small irritations.

• Organize the gift wrap. Pull out all the Christmas wrap and put it with the holiday stuff. Toss or donate any wrapping paper, bags, or bows that do not reflect your current taste. Put bows in a box to prevent them from being crushed.

• Divide and conquer. Tackle the seminar bag, kid’s school folder, or pile that has been sitting there for months. Take everything out, toss unneeded items, and file what you want to keep. Limit yourself to a certain amount of space to prevent saving everything.

• Have fun!!!! Talk to the important people in your life to find out what they would like to do this summer (include yourself). Put those things on your calendar to make sure those activities happen.

Remember, summer is a time to rest and recharge. Don’t get overwhelmed with projects. Decide which ones work best for you and your family. Make it fun by playing your favorite music or working with a friend. Let me know how it goes so I can cheer you on.

This summer, take some time to get a few things organized. You’ll be glad you did.

© Renee Ursem, 2012

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Renee Ursem, Professional Organizer and owner of Get It Together, LLC in Las Vegas, helps people learn how to organize and maintain their spaces using simple, practical strategies.
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