While pregnancy is doubtlessly one of the most exciting times in a woman's life, it comes with some awkward side effects — find out how no-tie laces can make wearing your sneakers simply effortless.

no tie laces

Here are the less talked about the effects of pregnancy, especially when you love wearing your sneakers every day.

In the last three months of the pregnancy, women tend to feel some awkward side effects of their expanding bellies – namely the balance and flexibility issues, backaches, and foot pain. The larger your belly becomes (and it’s ever-growing), the more likely it is that bending down can become an issue. And with not being able to bend down, some of the everyday activities may become more difficult to perform. Tying your sneaker laces can become a dreadful task that takes away 15 minutes of your day and puts you in danger of falling down and hurting yourself. You can now get no tie laces as you can now wear your sneakers like a slip on.

Why Footwear is Important?

During the pregnancy, it is crucial to wear sneakers that are both comfortable and safe. It is recommended to wear flat-soled sneakers if possible athletic – and that's where tennis sneakers come into play. They are the most supportive ones you can wear during pregnancy and have a wide array of benefits. However, as mentioned, there may be problems with bending over, as well as swollen feet. These issues could make your sneakers inaccessible, but not anymore — embrace the magic of no-tie laces.

No-tie Laces

You can turn your sneakers into slip-on using no-tie laces. They are perfect for women wanting to stay active in their third trimester. They are also the second to the best option for walking around barefoot, which is not always possible.

The benefits include:

Safety – The no-tie feature is beneficial for pregnant women. It not only offers more place for your fragile feet but also keeps you independent and saves time. It also prevents you from bending and leaning onto unsafe surfaces — and safety is key with your baby on the way.

Avoid Discomfort – Besides not being safe, bending over can cause back pain if you are holding most of your weight in the belly. Save the toe touching for after the pregnancy while saving your back from discomfort by using no-tie laces.

Variety – You can turn any kind of sneakers with laces into a pair of a slip-on. They are safe enough that the fit of your sneakers won't change, so whichever brand of athletic sneakers is your favorite, you can wear them effortlessly.

Versatility – Since the laces are adaptable to your needs, the sneakers will modify to your feet. You may even find your feet hurt and swell less because no more uncomfortable sides press them. And also, you can use them after the pregnancy since they can easily return to their original size.

Style – Most women worry that they won’t look fashionable wearing pregnancy-friendly clothing and footwear. And while tennis sneakers aren’t very dinner-date friendly, they do come in different colors to match your mood, personality, and wishes.

Pregnancy is indeed overwhelming, and one of your main goals should be to take care of yourself. Get no tie laces and give it a try, and you won’t regret it. 

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