Facebook provides its subscribers with a way to unlike Facebook pages; they no longer like or have been inactive for long. Note that there's a limit to the number of Facebook pages you can like. So, what when you've exceeded the limit, and you still have more pages to like?

Simple. Just unlike Facebook pages in which you've lost interest or have been inactive for ages. If a business closed shop, there's no use continuing to follow it on Facebook. Just unlike it.

And how do you, unlike Facebook pages? Here you go:

Unlike Facebook Page: A Single Page

To unlike a particular page, do as follows:

1. Open the page by either clicking on it in Facebook Newsfeed or searching for it in the Facebook search bar.
2. Go to the top of the page and click the blue "Like" button next to the name of the page. The button will change to grey. That way, you've unliked the page, and you'll not see updates from it anymore on your Newsfeed.

How To Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages

To unlike Facebook pages, in bulk is also possible. It can be tedious to search for a single page when you have a bunch of pages to unlike. You can access the pages at once and then, unlike them, one by one while displayed on the same list.

Here is how to do that:

1. Open a list of your liked pages.
Go to your Facebook profile page and click "More" under your cover photo. Next, click Likes. Your list of liked pages will appear. The most recent page will be on top of the list.

2. Go to "Page view" and click "Liked" one by one on the pages you want to unlike. That way, you, unlike the pages. Yes, it consumes time, but it'sits much better than searching for the pages one by one.

Use Activity Log To Unlike Facebook Pages

You probably have pages you liked many years back when you joined Facebook. Some of the pages are probably no longer in use. The activity log lets you unlike such pages chronologically.

To do that, do the following:

1. Click on your Facebook profile photo, and then click on the button with three dots …
2. Select ""Activity Log.""
3. Move to the menu on the left and click on "Filter."
4. Choose the year for which you want to, unlike Facebook pages. You can even select the month if you want.
5. Choose "Pages, Page Likes, and Interests" from the list that appears, and scroll down the list.
6. Click on "Save Changes." You will see a list of the pages you like appearing on your screen's left-hand-side as per how you filtered the search.
7. Hover over the page you would like to unlike until three dots appear to the right of the page. Then, click "Unlike."
8. Scroll through the list and unlike the pages that no longer interest you. As you, unlike a page, it disappears from the list.

We hope that helps you, unlike Facebook pages that take up space on your list of liked pages.

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