How to Save MBOX emails into PDF format along with embedded attachments? If it is your query too, then try MBOX to PDF converter to print MBOX to PDF with attachments. Sometimes, it is so much irritating situation for users when they are seeking to save MBOX to PDF with attachments and didn’t get the suitable solution. To rectify this type of problem, it is necessary to choose any third party utility which quickly converts MBOX to PDF format without losing any data. Before reaching on any final conclusion, let us know about the common information about MBOX and PDF files.

MBOX File: - What is MBOX File? This is what users must know about MBOX file before proceeding any conversion. MBOX file is most flexible file format which mainly supports 30+ email clients. It is commonly known as Mail Box which contains the entire data items of email application like emails, contacts, tasks and much more.

PDF File: - On the other hand, PDF file is a document file which is developed by Adobe corporation. It is a portable file format which is capable to keep all original formatting. PDF file also offers a password-protection feature to user which enables user to keep his data safe and secure.

Why We Need to Save MBOX to PDF Format?

Due to highly benefited features of PDF, lots of users are looking to save MBOX emails to PDF format. Other than it, there are certain reasons which forces user to export MBOX to PDF with attachments. Some of the common features are listed below: -

  • PDF file is an independent file format which can be easily accessed anywhere on any platform such as Windows, Mac Mail, Linux, Mobile, Tablets, etc.
  • As we know that PDF file is highly recommended file format to produce any legal documents. It is widely used by lawyers, doctors, etc.
  • Due to password protection feature of PDF file, it ensures user to keep their important data safe and secure.
  • PDF file is capable to preserve the entire formatting in its original format such as headings, font structure, color, images, listings, etc.

Methods to Save MBOX to PDF Format

Manual Method: - However, if you are looking to convert MBOX emails to PDF by using manual procedure, then it is no going to easy for you. The manual process is a highly time consuming procedure and requires some technical knowledge. There are more chances that lots of user may leave the conversion process in-between due to which conversion procedure is not going to completed. And no one wants a half-baked solution for them due to this it is suggested that users need to choose the third party tool.

Try Expert’s Suggested Solution - MBOX to PDF Converter

In order to save MBOX to PDF format, it is always suggested to choose third party software MBOX to PDF Converter. There are several third party utilities are available in the market but we suggest you to choose the experts suggested tool ZOOK MBOX to PDF Converter. It is the most efficient solution for users to save MBOX to PDF with attachments.

The tool is most recommendable for performing the bulk conversion. It has batch mode feature which allows user to convert multiple MBOX emails into PDF format. The tool consists of multiple advance features which safely converts MBOX to PDF format in few moments without losing any data items.

However, saving of MBOX emails to PDF format along with attachments is a crucial task for users. To perform this crucial task, users need to carry out the most recommended tool MBOX to PDF Converter. This tool can safely export MBOX to PDF format with attachments in few moments. Manual method is not capable to carry out the complete conversion of MBOX data in its original formatting. Whereas, MBOX to PDF Converter ensures user about the conversion of MBOX to PDF format along with attachments.

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