Prohormones are usually compounds which help in quick muscle building, weight gain and to maintain an athletic figure. They are also used for disease curing procedures and also as mood variants. They are not exactly steroids but are medicinal compounds which don’t require conversion to a different hormone, thereby affecting your body growth.

Generally people start with a very mild dose and gradually increase the dosage by switching to the high variance. DHEA, Androstenedion, Norandrostenedione are good examples of Prohormones. These compounds can be often misused as a shortcut method towards building a beautiful body figure.

There are many ways by which they can be consumed. They can be in nasal form where you can inhale it just before the event. They can be of inject able type and they can be even used as a patch over other medicines. They can also be in the form of powder where they have to be put under the tongue or can be taken in capsule form. It is assumed before consuming this hormone that you have a good healthy diet.

Prohormones are relatively less expensive than steroids and are very easily available. They also don’t cause any major side effects in the body. In sports nutrition, they play a vital role in improving performance and longer training fitness for sport professionals. They are seen as a quick and magical short cut towards improved performance. In the case of sports nutrition, their role can range from being a basic body supplement to a great protein donor to your body.

A proper and better understanding of these hormones can lead to an optimal and energetic performance by a sports professional. The duration and intensity of the training programs also have to be balanced during this period. Their intakes have to be properly scheduled before going for a very intensive body training program. Also it is advisable to take Prohormones before starting a training session. Over intake can lead to substance abuse and you don’t want to be charged for it.

You should take them only under medical supervision, no matter what the trainers may claim. Many scrupulous trainers, for personal gain of reputation resort to unfair and illegal means of enhancing your stamina and game. You should beware of such people and let your common sense and ethics guide you to a fair and legal method of body building along with other aspects of the sport you are indulging in. One small error can ruin all your efforts and career.

Thus, Prohormones are a simple way to alter the chemical reactions within the body. There are cases where its consumption didn’t have any influence on the individual yet they should be taken only with proper medical advice from a professional or a doctor. There are also concerns raised by individuals on when to stop the usage of such compounds. The increased number of ice cold water bath, increased intake of water, and continuous review of the overall fitness levels are some major recommendations on Prohormones consumption. Thus you should always take them under medical supervision for safe results.

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