Having sensitive teeth can be hard to deal with when you want to be able to eat good and tasty foods. Most people with sensitive teeth usually have to avoid really hot or cold foods because they can cause painful sensitivity. In this article, you'll be getting some quick tips you can do to help reduce sensitivity today so you can eat comfortably without worrying whether something is going to hurt your teeth or not.

Grab a Sensitive Toothpaste
There are toothpastes on the market created by dental professionals that help with this specific problem. They are made so the teeth feel stronger and that the roots of the teeth are protected. Oftentimes, the enamel on the teeth is scratched off of the teeth, causing them to be more sensitive. Fluoride in most toothpastes increase its exposure to bacteria, so any sensitive-type of toothpaste won't have any fluoride inside to avoid this problem.

Get a Softer Brush
Certain brushes can be really hard on your teeth. Make sure you have a slightly softer brush with high-quality bristles that won't damage your teeth in any way or form. If they are painful on your gums and teeth, expect the sensitivity to get worse. After getting a softer brush, make sure not to brush your teeth too hard either.

Go Lukewarm
When drinking hot coffee or hot chocolate, go for a more lukewarm level of heat. You don't want anything too hot or even too cold. Go for lukewarm water as well when brushing your teeth.

Stop Grinding
Stop grinding your teeth during the day. Grinding the area of your teeth is bad because it removes enamel that instead should be staying on the surfaces of your teeth. When that wears off, they become sensitive and more influenced to hot and cold foods and naturally more sensitivity. If you are grinding at night subconsciously, buy a mouth guard or get a dental professional help make one for you.

Sensitive teeth isn't an uncommon problem. A lot of people deal with this, and going to a professional dentist like Dr. N. W. Kherani with Saddleback Dental Centre can be a huge help for getting your teeth checked and also finding out what remedies and other things you can do to reduce the sensitivity. Having this problem stops you from enjoying all kinds of foods. Using the tips above will help avoid the pain while also increasing its natural strength.

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