You are going to hunt catfishes and you really want to catch big monsters in this fishing season. However, you cannot fish these “big babies” without keeping the right device on hands. Therefore, you decide to buy the sonar fish finder for catfish, you found a lot of good inexpensive fish finders for kayaks. However, before making a payment on your wallet, you should have a general understanding this product.

A quick glance about the basic sonar fish finder categories

2D broadband sonar

2D Broadband Sonar is a technology which has been over years and the main colors are black and white (on the screen). In other words, this is a traditional device which many of us think of when we mention the sonar fish finder. Fishermen enable to see the displays instantly from their boats.

Down Imaging

Down Imaging is also called Down Scan. Compared to 2D broadband sonar, this device is newer. It permits you to watch the display under the water surface from your craft like the 2D broadband sonar. However, you will have a wider view to help you know where to grab fishes. 

Side Imaging

Side Imaging sonar offers a clearer image of everything on the water surface. Nonetheless, this tool supports you observe a larger area than the Down Imaging because it takes a sonar beam to the water.

All anglers can see a much larger view when seeking for fishes better than seeing what is in the water from their boat only. This technology also provides the ability to find shallow water when you ought to get another opportunity to find more fishes everywhere.

GPS and topographic maps

GPS and topographic maps are popular in vehicles like cars and trucks and fish finders are the same in many recent years. These are an amazing tool to assist you to locate the roads and traffic.

They could be an access device for finding catfishes, steering hazards and returning the results from the locations you have found before. When using topographic maps, these ought to unlock an entire world of seeing different fishes.

360 Imaging

360 Imaging is the latest technology that you can try. For those who are the first place of using sonar fish finders, they should use other devices from the basic to the 360 Imaging to improve their performances. Do not buy the 360 Imaging immediately when you have no idea how to use a fish finder. It is a big nightmare in the summer!

Some standard features of a sonar fish finder you should know


Most lakes are well-made in the contour of the bottom, permitting you to find key spots which could keep fishes like underwater points, ditches, and creek channels. Nonetheless, rivers are not placed on the navigational channels rather than rivers.

This will help you smoothly run and support in allocating main spots apart from the channel which will keep catfishes. If you are going to fish new water areas and do not know the place to run, mapping ought to help.

The capability to zoom on detail and find out contours, as well as platform and shallow water surfaces are a potential advantage. Furthermore, the mapping can help you to get main stopping ways in addition to the contour or channels.

Staining colors

Most experienced anglers use the GPS to spot main locations when they are finding for catfishes.

They often mark single locations like a brush pile or making some stopping ways. Nonetheless, they also take many locations in an area which drifting. As they drop off fishes, they also connect to the dots and aiming from one-way point to the next level. Sometimes, they enable to stay on the channel edge.


Thanks to the navigational mapping, you enable to locate the right point at night or in foggy conditions on filler water or on new water.


GPS can save all databases which you have inserted into it. It also becomes a fishing log. You ought to take names for all the ways you are figuring out. This is because you probably add some prior database on the screen before.

Download your saved waypoints to your cell-phones or computers. Then, you can analyze or revise them from your computers. This enables to seek and undertake game plans for other journeys.

Avoid these mistakes when using fish finder for hunting catfishes

Of course, hunting catfishes gives you tons of sonar fish finder choice. However, be sure to invest in the proper sonar fish finder providing the best benefits to finding fishes along with the most bang for your buck.

This is because you confuse choosing the product from different kinds of sonar. It also depends on your fishing styles, your available budgets, and the technology of a sonar fish finder you choose from. There is lots of information to cover!

The most commonplace mistakes everyone gets are the size of the screen. They do not know a big display is better or a smaller one is right for them. Alongside the size, the type of fish finder is also another part that many of us are not sure.

As mentioned earlier, you should select the technology that you feel comfortable to use. How about the size? If you want to get a better viewer with large numbers on the screen, then go with the big one.

Combine a fish finder and a GPS in one device

In fact, taking an excellent sonar fish finder should have GPS feature. GPS will help you show an exact position that you may wish to get before. A GPS is a necessary tool for several anglers and taking one unit with a fish detector is so wonderful.

It also offers you the ability to find the right hot fishing spots and return to them without much hassle. This is because you enable to take the spot on the GPS and bounce your way back to it in the upcoming time.

A GPS sonar fish finder probably provides you the true navigation through the water hazards. So, you will want to take a unit which comes with background maps and tables at the same time.

Safety is another point that a fish finder with GPS feature can prove. You do not fish on the right waypoints but also finding the proper roads to your home. This will help you improve your confidence when you want to hunt fishes in another place (far away from your home).

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