The average person spends a significant amount of time each week in their vehicle. As a result, vehicles have a tendency to become messy, disorganized and dirty. Instead of starting and ending your day with a commute in a messy vehicle, why not take the time to clean and organize your car, truck or SUV? The end result will be a much more pleasant commute, plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are better prepared for emergencies. Here are a few quick tips that you can use to get your vehicle in tip-top shape today.

Remove the Clutter

It's easy to accumulate a lot of clutter in a vehicle, because of the amount of time the average person spends driving each day. Cups, sales receipts, bags and other items have a tendency to accumulate in vehicles. If you want to organize your vehicle, removing the unnecessary clutter should be the first step. Go through the entire interior of your car, including the glove compartment, door compartments and the trunk, removing everything that does not belong there. In order to make the process easy, simply throw any trash directly into a trash bag. If there any items in your vehicle that need to be taken into the house or garage, collect them in a box or basket so that you can return them to their proper location. If there are items that should remain in the car, collect them in a box or basket so that you can organize them later.

Clean and Shine

A clean, shiny and fresh-smelling vehicle is a joy to drive. Unfortunately, most vehicles end up dusty, dirty, and messy over time. Once you've removed all the clutter, give your vehicle's interior a good cleaning. Use window cleaner to make the windshield sparkle, household cleaner for all hard surfaces, and a portable vacuum to clean the upholstery and carpeting. If you enjoy a fresh fragrance in your car, add an air freshener when you are finished cleaning as a final added touch. Finally, a trip through the car wash will make the outside of your car just as clean as the inside.

Organization Tips for Vehicles

Once your car is clean and shiny, you can turn your attention towards organizing the items that really need to stay in your car. Every car should have an emergency kit, containing any items you might need in case your car breaks down on the road or is involved in an accident. In addition to a first aid kit, flashlight, toolkit and other essentials, you should also keep a warm blanket and a water-resistant jacket in your car. These items can all be stored in a plastic tote in the trunk of your car in order to keep them neatly organized and yet handy in the case of an emergency.

Inside your car, you'll want to store your owner's manual, vehicle registration and proof of insurance in the glove compartment. You'll also probably want to keep an umbrella inside your car so that you have it handy in case of an unexpected rain shower. The door compartments often work well for storing these kinds of items. You'll also want to keep your sunglasses handy so that you can find them quickly when they are needed. Finally, keep a small plastic or paper bag handy, so that you have a place to store trash in a neat and organized fashion.

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