Do you know Americans are the largest coffee drinkers in the world, but how do you actually make the best cup of coffee? What coffee trends are there, what should you pay attention to when buying coffee beans and which milk should you use while making coffee at home?

There are many ways to make a nice and strong cup coffee that smells nice and taste good too. Think of the old cup of filter coffee, a device with pads or cups, the classic percolator or a beautiful freshly made coffee with fully automatic machine. There are lots of coffee makers to get fresh coffee beans at the touch of a button. Here in America, we mainly drink Americano, Cappuccino, espresso, Macchiato and Mocha.

What Type of Coffee beans should I buy?
There are four main types of coffee beans. Arabica Coffee Beans & Robusta Coffee Beans are mostly used in America. Nowadays more and more people have bought a fully automatic coffee makers and coffee brewers to enjoy freshly made coffee at home. You just need to fill it with beans that are ground in the machine. If you already have a 4 cup coffee maker or 5 cup coffee maker at home or willing to buy one for you, then better buy Arabica beans or Robusta beans. Arabica has a tastier and more refined taste than Robusta. Filter coffee is usually a mix of Arabica and Robusta. You buy really good quality coffee from a supermarket or any special coffee store, the price certainly matters. However, taste is subjective.

What does roasting the coffee bean do?
The darker coffee beans are roasted, the more bitter the coffee is. So beans are usually lightly roasted for filter coffee, while darker roast beans are used for espresso.

Which milk should you use?
For a tasty cappuccino or latte macchiato, you can froth milk in a milk frother. The more expensive fully automatic machines often have a milk reservoir. Use whole milk, which has a higher fat and protein percentage. You can also buy so-called cappuccino milk, but it is relatively more expensive.

How much water should i use in coffee?
You can use filtered water, but it’s not necessary. Make sure that the water is not too hot, up to about 90/93 degrees. If your tap water is very hard, then a water filter is useful. Soft water is also better for your coffee maker.

Keep your beans airtight
Beans lose their flavor when they come into contact with air. So keep your beans airtight. You can use the original packaging, but roll it up tightly.

Preheat cup?
It is a good idea to preheat your cup when you brew an espresso or Ristretto. This prevents your coffee from cooling too quickly and the taste is retained for longer.

Clean your device regularly
Coffee deposits may get stuck in your appliance. Regular cleaning of your device prevents your coffee from becoming bitter. Do you have a cup machine? Then descale it regularly.

Grind beans yourself
That is possible, there are countless affordable grinders in the market with which you can grind your beans yourself. Make sure that the beans are ground and not cut. Grind them shortly before use. Are you grinding the beans too finely? Then that can cause a bitter taste. Too coarse? Then your cup of coffee may be too weak.

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Misty Jhones