Vegetarian food is not only good for your health, but it also tastes well. People in large number are giving up non-veg and adopting vegetarian food to keep them healthy and protect animals. There are a large number of Indian vegetarian recipes available on the internet which is cooked in different Indian cooking styles. In case, you love Indian food, there are ample healthy vegetarian recipes to meet your different health needs and keep you afresh. We are sharing some Indian recipes for veg that also comprises of rich Indian culture and taste.
You can find mouth-watering vegetarian recipes for breakfast, meals, salad and many more. Keep reading to check out the varieties and how to cook them at home without putting efforts.

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for Breakfast
It is believed that your breakfast should be full of nutrition and heavy enough to keep you energetic throughout the day. Even if you’re on diet, there are many vegetarian recipes that can keep you healthy without let your body consumes unnecessary calories. Some dishes that you can try are spicy tomato semolina (Tomato Rava Upma), Savory bread, Cream of wheat savory cakes (Rava Idli), Savory Vermicelli (Sevaian Upma), Savory Beaten Rice ( Kaanda Poha) and Lentils (Moong dal). All these recipes are light in nature and capable of giving enough energy.

Recipes of Veg. Soups
Post healthy breakfast, soups are the next best options that you could try to keep your appetite satisfied and entertain your taste buds. There are some seasonal soups that you can easily cook at home. As such soups includes vegetables, there is no doubt that they are full of nutrition, minerals, and other important elements. Some healthy vegetarian recipes for soups are carrot borth (Gajar soup), Cream of vegetable soup (sabzi soup), quick tomato soup, creamy spinach soup (Palak soup), Onion soup. Carrot soup, Spinach soup and tomato soups are the most common soups that we all take in regular routine.

Healthy Recipes for Veg Salads
When it comes to healthy food, you cannot forget to include salad in the list. There are some salads which do not consume much time in preparation and tastes well, such as Potato and Kidney bean salad, Green peas and Carrot salad, Pineapple and mango salad and Sprouted Green gram salad. All above mentioned vegetarian recipes are extremely easy to cook and also, good for health. Include it in your menu and maintain a good health.

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