Being QuickBooks accounting application a very critical business software, its company file contains much importance because it carries all business accounting informations with it. To avoid any kinds of data loss threat, Inuit has already included an adequate inbuilt backup feature so that users would be able to take backup whenever they need without any kinds of expert intervention. The backup feature of QuickBooks is so effective that it prompts to take backup as soon as users try to close a company file after an update in the file. The recommended practice is to backup the company file each time we update it. When we backup a company file, it prompts us to choose a desired destination so that we could easily recover our file if there is some problem with the current one. Backing up a company file on a single location has not been very safer and it is suggested by many experts to keep backup copies on different locations to feel confident about data reliability. Backup not only ensures data reliability but also helps us to get rid of corrupted QuickBooks company file issue which happens very often with the company files. Below are the key points of standard QuickBooks backup practices:

1- Backup at two locations: It saves us from any data missing issues as keeping the backup copy at single location has never been very safer. The locations should not be located on the local computer where you generally use the application with its company file. The better practice is to keep one copy at any portable media and other copy at any network location.

2- Regular backup: We should not miss to run the backup on regular basis. If we are not able to take backup each time we close a company file, we should make a habit of backing up the data while we leave the computer. QuickBooks experts suggest us to backup the data once we open the file and later once we close the company file.

3- Online backup: There are many online backup solutions and we can choose them if we want to remove backup burden from us. These tools automatically take backup of QuickBooks company file as per our defined time period. Although, they charge for the backup operations but anyways, our data is on safe place without any headache.

So, before we start using QuickBooks accounting program, we must have a backup strategy so that we are always safe about our data reliability.

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Rakesh Kumar is an application hosting specialist working with one of the leading application hosting provider, SageNext Infotech. His other experience areas are QuickBooks hosting, cloud computing, IT infra management and IT security. Rakesh is very active towards knowledge sharing using his blogs, articles and with many more mediums.

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