QuickBooks accounting application has been through many changes in both technical and accounting features and these frequent changes has made this application more relevant towards modern day accounting needs. The changes in technical features are greatly reflected in its usage, giving QuickBooks users more usage options. These significant technical changes has not only turned away to usage but also equipped QuickBooks with so many other features, giving more additional advantages over other accounting programs. QuickBooks cloud is the latest innovation in this chain, using QuickBooks with the cloud computing infrastructure. With growing trends of cloud computing in IT infrastructure, accounting professionals who the users of QuickBooks, are forced to adopt this radical change. This shift in accounting arena has made the accounting activities more easy and ultimately efficient. With QuickBooks cloud, QuickBooks access is not limited to just desktop and laptops, instead it has reached to the smartphones and tablets to get the reach of the accounting software wherever the accounting professionals are.

Although, cloud computing requires a vast technology setup and it requires experienced IT professionals to setup and manage, but it has been quite easy to acquire with the help of application hosting provider. Application hosting providers are the professionals having required cloud computing infrastructure setup to offer QuickBooks cloud by taking some nominal fees. So, all the major benefits of cloud computing are inherited to QuickBooks cloud ultimately benefiting QuickBooks users through high availability, anywhere access and increasing efficiency. Prices of QuickBooks cloud are drastically downed due to the highly scalable cloud computing infrastructure where the pricing policies are defined as per the usage. The other reason of reasonable prices is the infrastructure being shared by many QuickBooks cloud users by maintaining their privacy and security. When in technical infrastructures, the issues are not anticipated, the burden of technical issues goes to the service providers. So, as a QuickBooks users, we are absolutely free from any technical burdens by getting more benefits than other QuickBooks usage options.

QuickBooks cloud also makes a very positive impact in core accounting activities too. It enables many other tax and accounting applications work together, giving a wide range of collaboration between these applications. So, the accounting process becomes less time consuming by fetching the required business information between these applications. The multi-user function of QuickBooks is efficiently utilized with QuickBooks cloud, letting many accounting professionals work together to give a never been fast accounting operations. QuickBooks cloud also makes the adequate export and import feature of QuickBooks applications by setting up those applications on QuickBooks cloud servers.

Best practices before switching to QuickBooks cloud:

-> Try first with the trial offered by application hosting providers so that we could be sure that everything will go smooth before we get it as a paid service.
-> Check the security practices like: the quality of Anti-virus, the update procedures and other security settings.
-> Check the kind of technical support they offer. Prefer a service provider having 24X7 support.
-> Verify the printing process. Printing is a great challenge with QuickBooks cloud setup.
-> Talk to their customers, promoted in their testimonials. Don’t just believe upon written said.

Author's Bio: 

Rakesh Kumar is an application hosting specialist working with one of the leading application hosting provider, SageNext Infotech. His other experience areas are cloud computing, IT infra management and IT security. Rakesh is very active towards knowledge sharing using his blogs, articles and with many more mediums.

With SageNext, he is busy with the team of QuickBooks hosting, making QuickBooks cloud hosting available for accounting professionals.