QuickBooks has been one of the most comprehensive accounting application for many years and it is globally accepted due to its adequate accounting features associated with it. It has been quite suitable for all levels of businesses, hence, got immense popularity all over the world among accounting professionals. In some typical cases, if QuickBooks doesn’t become very efficient, this accounting application has been well supported by many add-ons, making this accounting software as one of the prominent. It is technically so feasible that it easily becomes compatible with all kinds of hardware and software resources to avoid any chances of extra expenses to manage its usage setup. In technical features, its multi-user function, efficient printing solution, inbuilt backup utility have given QuickBooks a solid edge over other accounting programs. Moreover, QuickBooks has many editions so that different kinds of business accounting requirements can be accomplished with specific piece of softwares without any kinds of confusion. Below is the list of QuickBooks editions and their specifications:

1- QuickBooks Pro: It is basic edition of QuickBooks, mostly suited for personal accounting and smaller firms and businesses. But it has never been rated very low as it also sticks with core accounting concepts to make the accounting operations very easy. QuickBooks Pro edition has mastery in organizing our financial informations on a single place and later helps us to fetch those data efficiently. It has easy methods of invoicing as well as effective feature to track sell and expenses. In multi-user function, it has only 3 concurrent users access.

2- QuickBooks Premier: This piece of software is the advance version of QuickBooks Pro, having additional features to be suitable in different kinds of business accounting needs. This edition of QuickBooks is specialized in many core accounting activities like: customized reporting, tracking the balance sheet by class, client billing etc. It has a wonderful feature of inventory management which has strong control over our inventory to manage it. It reduces the inventory management burden. In multi-user access feature, it has the capability of 5 concurrent users access. With all these regarded features, it is mostly suitable for mid level businesses.

3- QuickBooks Enterprise: This is the most regarded edition of QuickBooks in enterprise level, having many advanced business accounting functions. It is the edition having more accounting features than previous two editions. This software is excellent in customized reports and business performance analyzation. This enterprise level accounting program is always liked for its online banking functions. Multi-currency feature of this version has given this accounting software a lead in the race among many accounting programs. International payment service of QuickBooks enterprise has made this accounting program worldwide popular.

If we choose QuickBooks Enterprise for our business use, we must decide to take full advantage of its wonderful multi-user access. In such requirement, QuickBooks hosting works best, giving many users to work on a single company file from different physical location. Moving with QuickBooks hosting with your enterprise edition of QuickBooks is not a big deal. We just need to find out an adequate QuickBooks hosting provider for our hosting need.

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