Brick and mortar businesses are looking for digital solutions to handle their operations better. Among the most complex operations are for businesses in the manufacturing, warehousing, and retail sector. These businesses have to manage inventory to maintain optimal levels at all times. The process of inventory management is far from being easy. It requires keeping accurate tabs on status and demands for items. Most importantly, these operations require prioritization and proactive management for a comprehensive, minute-to-minute view of inventory for making real-time business decisions. With a host of features that can cater to these requirements, QuickBooks Enterprise is the perfect solution for brick and mortar businesses.

Solutions in QuickBooks Enterprise for Brick and Mortar Stores

QuickBooks Enterprise includes a lot of features that can be of use to brick and mortar stores for inventory management.

  • Ability to track products using various parameters such as bin location, serial numbers, or lot numbers.
  • Simplify the management of end-to-end workflow through a unified dashboard.
  • Manage inventory counts during warehouse operational hours.

Advanced QuickBooks Enterprise Inventory Features for Brick and Mortar Stores

The wide range of features on QuickBooks Enterprise help in simplifying and streamlining warehousing operations. These features are better leveraged with a QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting service as it adds to the mobility of the solution.

  • An advanced central dashboard gives a complete view of the sales order fulfillment process. Workers can be directly sent instructions and items can be reclassified with a single click. The Express pick-pack and ship solution orchestrates and integrates these functions and streamlines workflows.
  • The cycle count real-time inventory tracking system is designed to track items and their locations without affecting operations. Operations can be coordinated across warehouses and rectify mismatches.
  • With the mobile barcode scanning feature, teams can scan and send data using the internet using Bluetooth or QuickBooks Android app. This makes the process faster, reduces errors, and shifts the focus of staff to the right tasks.
  • The order management and inventory picking features help an organization fulfill orders faster and prioritize based on importance with data such as ship date, inventory availability, and order value. Picklists can be customized for warehouse workers to collaborate across multiple locations. This feature provides real-time information for managers to keep track of operations.
  • The customizable inventory reports generate deep insights based on variables such as inventory valuation summary, inventory stock by item, and assembly shortage by item. It is also possible to add fields that could provide contextual information suitable to the needs of the business.
  • It allows businesses to manage inventory across different locations using the Advanced Inventory tool to keep tabs on stocks and orders in different warehouses and move inventory from between them.

Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise with Inventory Management

With features ranging from one-click processing and mobile scanning to inventory analysis and reporting, QuickBooks Enterprise is truly an all-in-one solution. A hosting service provider can not only provide QuickBooks Enterprise on a virtual desktop but also provide other services such as Office 365 hybrid migration for making the best of the accounting software.

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