I am going to talk to you about increasing your business in this New Economy, and how to increase sales, even double them.

Some of you know I've sold a ton of electronic books online--my most popular one has sold 70,000 copies.

Here's a tip from selling online: online you see who comes to your website, and who buys from there. So for instance, I now know that if 100 people visit my website, two will always buy my books.

What's the "quickest way to double your sales?" In my world, it is making my website sales page more powerful so that it gets double the sales as before. Double the effectiveness of your words on your marketing pages, and you double your sales.

So, let's think about your business. What if you're a Massage Therapist? You probably get alot of word of mouth business, and some business from ads with testimonials. Now, your customers didn't start the word of mouth, you did. You found the first customer that told the second and so on. So let's concentrate on your efforts for a moment, rather than the referrals your customers give.

I teach people 6 things they need to make a successful sale online, that all start with the letter U. We have time for two right now, Understanding, and Unique. So, do people understand what a Massage Therapist is? Great! That's the Understanding part. Your prospects have to understand what you are offering.

The 2nd U is Unique. As a Massage Therapist are you unique? What are you saying when you are at a party and people want to know what you do? You can say:

"Hi, I'm Dick/Jane, and I'm a Massage Therapist"

or you can say

"Hi, I'm Dick/Jane, and I'm a Massage Therapist for 7 years. I have a 95% client retention rate."

The second time you get a sense of the Massage Therapist's "uniqueness."

Here's another example:

"Hi, I'm Lani and I do credit repair"

or you can say

"Hi, I'm Lani and I show you how to improve your credit score in 24 hours."

If you're a sound healer, you might go to a party and tell people that you are a sound healer. They may then go what's that? If so, that's because of the first U I was talking about earlier, understanding, Prospects have to understand what you do. You want to make them understand quickly so that you can get to the good part, which is why you find what you do really valuable. Here are two versions of what you might say, before and after:

Before - "Hi, I'm Denny and I'm a sound healer" or

After - "Hi, I'm Denny and I journey with people to find their best health, wealth and direction, using sound as an aid."

Just remember, enhancing how we talk about ourselves online (and off) is the quickest way to double our sales.

Author's Bio: 

Noelani Rodriguez is an eBook Publisher with over $1M of sales online. She is the author of the book "Write a Best Selling eBook," her 90 page manifesto on her ebook marketing secrets.