QuickFMS is a cloud-based facilities management software that enables you to manage multiple properties spread across the globe. It helps in optimizing seat utilization resulting in huge cost savings, allows you better control over all physical assets and maintenance, helps your employees in tracking their service requests and shared facility bookings, etc. QuickFMS ensures total infrastructure control in any organization at a price that has the potential to disrupt the CAFM industry worldwide.

This facilities management software is for companies with less than 1000 employees who need no customization or a dedicated license. The software that leverages the latest technology to simplify your facility management practices. It integrates with your existing ERP, HR, or CRM system, empowering facility managers to take quick facility management and allocation decisions. To know how QuickFMS can help your facility, schedule your free and personalized demo with us.

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Amit Prasad is the founder and managing director of SatNav Technologies and has business interests in a wide range of IT products. QuickFMS from a-mantra is a cloud-based facilities management software that enhances the organization’s efficiency.