Horse Sense

Quiet Intelligence is Quite Intelligent

Insights from the animal world can give us a better picture of humanity.

Many people have pets. Often times they give their pets human characteristics, even though their pets are not human. Do your pets seem to want to be like you in some way. Studies have found that people often choose a pet that looks like them, or reflects their own personality in some way. Logic would suggest then that since a person may select a pet based on their own self, then it is much easier for that person to assign them human characteristics, much like looking into a mirror.

Too much Logic!

It is time to toss logic aside and look at characteristics that are not so easily explained. Studies have also shown that pets often have unusual and often unanticipated abilities. There are “Helper pets” that seem to know how to spot a problem with a persons health. But why would an animal choose to do this? The action of the helper pet extends to other people that are not even known by the animal. The most common type of helper animal is the dog, simply because there are more dogs owned and have social interaction with humans than any other domestic animal. A good example of a helper dog trained in this fashion is the seeing eye dog.

Hospitals and elderly care units have found it to be very good therapy to bring in comforting animals to be with the patients. Many patients have cut themselves off from communication with other people, but choose to communicate with the comfort animals. Many breakthroughs have been made in this way. But more than anything, it gives the patient that moment of caring and comfort – a gentle therapy.

(I am not suggesting you run out and get a pet. These decisions require thought and consideration. Some pets can be quite problematic. You must gain wisdom. ZOX Pro Training provides the means to gain that information. Choose wisely. Chances are you will be stuck with your decision for a long time.)

Are Animals Psychic?

Take a moment to think about a few things. Suppose you own a dog. You are around your dog every day. Your dog is friendly and sociable with others around you. Then one day out of the blue, you meet someone that your dog takes a complete dislike of, and maybe wants to take a chunk out of their leg. In other words, your dog is acting completely different than usual. What should these signals tell you? Dogs are much more perceptive on a natural level; a level you have been taught to ignore – instinct. If your dog does not trust this person, should you?

“Quiet Intelligence is Quite Intelligent”

So, what does it mean? Horses really don’t have a lot to say. While in the paddock, they may think, “Gee, there seems to be a nice bit of grass over there.” They wander over and chew on that patch of grass for a while. Then they see another bit of grass further on an they go through the same process. If there is a dominant horse already over there, then they will just look somewhere else. They really don’t mind communicating with people.

They have just generally given up talking with people, because people don’t know they are being talked to. The horse thinks they are being ignored by the person, so the horse goes about their regular business… “There is another interesting clump of grass over there…”

Horses (equines) possess a “quiet” intelligence. They know the rules and what is expected of them. They prefer it that way. It is only when people intervene with their routine that unsettles them. Then suddenly, we want them to do things outside of their normal pattern. So, with repetition we teach them to have a new way of doing things. They will feel most comfortable with the new routine if it is relatively the same each time. But us silly humans, we want to do things differently all the time. It can be quite frustrating for the horse. For the most part, if done in a way the horse understands it, the horse will be somewhat cooperative until the new routine is established. Above all you must gain and maintain the horse’s trust.

Their intelligence stems from their ability to adapt to doing the things us silly humans want them to do.

The quote, “Quiet Intelligence is Quite Intelligent“, also gives you a lesson to work with and think about. Find the little piece of Wisdom for yourself.

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