Quirky Bride And Groom Wedding Entry Ideas

One of the most important decisions a bride and groom have to make nowadays is to determine their special entry on the wedding day. We’re moving away from the era of traditional horses and coy brides walking along with her bridesmaids. If you’re getting married anytime soon, this list is going to come in handy as we list out a bunch of quirky and fun ideas to make your wedding day and photographs even more memorable.

Make The Golden Chariot Your Throne

This is a spin-off to the traditional doli, make a grand entrance on a Golden chariot to begin the new chapter of your life on a magnificent note. Let the world spot the queen from distance!

Walk With Your Doggo

What could be more delightful than entering with your best man – your dog! This sure will complete your family picture and melt everyone’s heart.

Hop On A Vintage Car

Ditch the horse and get on this stunning vintage car to make a statement. While you’re at it, get your family and friends to hop on to make it an eventful baarat.

Ride That Rickshaw

Ride the way through to your wedding in this very local style with your gorgeous bride and make a memorable appearance.

Sail Your Way

This a great entry idea if it’s a beach wedding or a wedding by the sea. Sail through a boat and make your way to the mandap. This is major #Goals for all those wedding videos and photos.

A Human Aisle To Walk You Down The Aisle

Make a remarkable entry and let your bridesmaid be a part of it too. This human aisle will make the path leading to your happily ever after.

Ride Down The Beach

Make a statement by the beach by entering on a buggy bike and riding straight to exchanging vows and writing your own forever tale.

Say Hello From A Tractor

Take the quirk game a step further, and make your entry on the big day count by hopping on the countryside favorite, a tractor.

Let The Elephant Trumpet

It’s the D-Day to when your fairytale begins, so the King (Maharaja) and Queen (Maharani) must enter on an elephant as he trumpets into the royal affair bookmarking the first chapter of this beautiful saga.

Be The Bride On A Horse

For the longest time, we’ve witnessed and known that grooms enter on a horse. Ditch the conventional theme and make eyes pop by being the bride on a horse!

Drive Your Way to Shaadi Day

Be the boss girl and take charge behind the wheel on a traditional jeep car. And for the reactions? This drive will be worth every single mile!

Fly Down A Chopper

They say love is in the air, let that be literal! Be the captain of your love story and fly your way down to whisk away your eternal love.

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