Yes, of course you can quit…

Of course, you can call it all a lost cause…

Of course, you can settle into your boring old existence doing things that you do not want to do forever…

Living beneath your potential and living with the dissatisfaction that arises from living like a ‘norm’ when you are not one…

Of course, you can run into the night scared to death and wondering why you ever thought you could live out your dreams, build out a business that gives you freedom…

Of course you can!

If that is what you want!

And then you will get the certainty you crave…

The certainty of NEVER ever getting to live the life you imagine could be yours.

So, yes, quit if you want.

Give up now while you are still slightly ahead and you have not gone all in…

Yes, honey, this would be the best moment to return to life as you knew it…

Or maybe, the big idea is worth the pain, the fire, the struggle to get there…

Maybe you consider the idea of impacting a lot of people worth this current journey…

Maybe instead of looking for an ‘out’ you could just focus solely on what you want out of life and do whatever it takes to get it.

Yes, you will feel deluded, crazy and wonder if you are slightly off your rocker at times…

But is the big vision worth it or not?

You are called as leader and you could impact a whole lot of people if you could just get past this phase.

Do you think it is easy to be leader?

Do you think it is easy to be Deliberate Millionaire?

The foundational principles are certainly simple

  1. Communicate with your people
  2. Grow that contact list
  3. Constantly follow up and make offers

Simple stuff.  Anyone can do it…

But only the really strong can do it long enough to actually get the real results.

Are you one of the strong?

Or would you rather settle for the easy, broad path?

As an avid reader fo the Bible, I see story after story of leaders of old, GOING THROUGH THE FIRE sometimes LITERALLY and I wonder if they thought of quitting too.

Joseph, sold into slavery by the ones who were supposed to love him…

He finally starts to make a name for himself and then gets in trouble for sticking to his principles…

Thrown into jail…

Keeps helping people with his gifts and talents, probably feeling more than a little hopeless but compelled to stick to his foundations anyway until finally, FINALLY he is noticed and becomes the leader he was always born to be.  He could have quit at any point.  Would you have?  Would you have compromised yourself to stay ‘safe’?  Would you have made yourself smaller to fit in and make people like you more?

Or David?  Going about his business tending sheep and fighting the ocassional lion/bear if they dared threaten his sheep.

and then he gets called to step forward and be leader – He sees his people cowering before the enemy and he could have joined them and been all scared and thinking that he should settle for captivity.  After all, the more experienced soldiers also had God on their side and they seemed content to settle for defeat.

But no, he stuck to his guns, did not try to be something he was not and he fought down the giant, Goliath…

And surely now everything should go his way, right?  He won, He should have accolades forever but NO!!

Now the very King he was trying to protect, is trying to kill him!



Does he quit and go home then?

NOPE!  He sees the vision and refuses to compromise himself by hurting the current King – He just goes off and carries on doing what he is created to do until everyone recognises what he was doing in private and makes him their King in public.

If I spent the day with you in private, would you be living the life of a Deliberate Millionaire or a ‘norm’?

Do you really believe you are called and chosen to make a difference or do you only believe on the good days when no one is demanding anything of you?

I could tell story upon story of leaders who won their race and those who did not.

And the only difference between these people is that one set quit before they came into the fullness of the promise and the others stayed on the path.

Which one will you be?

Will you build the business that changes lives and creates lots of wealth for you and yours?

Will you write the songs, the books that will entertain, inspire, educate many and again create lots of wealth for yuo and yours?

Will you start the ministry that could cause many to be healed and set free and ALSO create wealth for you and yours?

And can I tell you that if you limit the wealth that yu allow yourself to create because of your crazy ideas about what you are llowed to do then yuo will also put a stop to the number of people you are able to impact.

You think it makes you holy to have such poor thinking about money and wealth but all it does is limit you and the impact you could have on many, many people.

Leader, get over yourself and do the work you are born to do.

Make the money you are born to make.

Impact the people you are born to impact.

Let us change the world!

Lofty thinking, I know and yet, if we do not get on and do it – Who will?

Write out your vision again now.

The vision that plagues your mind almost all the time.

Write it all out and make another promise to your source and to yourself that you will not back away from this until it is actually happening…

Now, get to work.

Surround yourself with fellow champions and…

Learn the foundational principles of business because EVERYTHING YOU DO involves selling something – Do not deceive yourself into thinking there is some special pass for you because you are connected to source.  You even have to sell the FREE stuff so do not believe any weird belief that stops you getting on with it!

Learn the foundational principles and get to work making your dream a reality.

It is time to step up and claim the vision in its fullness – not some settled-for version

It is time to fight for, to deliberately design the life you are born to live.

And if you are serious about putting a solid impact and income plan together…

One that will result in you actually realising the vision in your head and heart and seeing it come to pass on the planet…

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Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist and then decided to do her own thing and gain freedom. She made it happen with real estate management and now shows others how to set up their own business and get those first few customers online