There is no recipe for successful smoking cessation. Often compensatory cravings are formidable opponents for those fearing weight gain. The main cause of weight gain is an increase in food intake. The taste and smell, which were then masked by tobacco consumption, are magnified. This is a good time to find the true flavors of food and enjoy! Follow our advice.

Some Tips

Manage Cravings: Any ex-smoker should analyze their eating habits, they seem to him good or bad, to identify possible reasons for weight gain. It must be remembered that smoking cessation itself, due to a decrease in energy metabolism, bears less responsibility compared to the increase in food intake. Weaning a person is more likely to fill the gap by giving in to cravings.

Plan balanced Meals and Pleasant: Who has not ever had eyes the famous food pyramid? The base, the widest part, serve vegetables and fruit. At the top, sweets and other saturated sugar, salt and / or fat. All these foods are part of a balanced diet. There is no forbidden foods. However, it is recommended to consume foods with moderation at the top of the pyramid.

Make Snacks: The best defense is to cravings snacks. It may well be composed of several foods. The important thing is to learn to listen and measure its greed. Thus one can control his impulses and snacks does not turn into an orgy.

Do not Skip Meals: If you are hungry, it is because your body needs to be fed regularly. And if he does not get its required dose of food, he will not understand what is happening and you will probably be attacked by a desire difficult to control eating foods high in fat and / or sugar.

Limit Alcohol Consumption: Alcoholic beverages, in addition to being often associated with cigarette are loaded in calories. Two good reasons to limit consumption and not endanger his line.

Increase Physical Activity: You can join gym, do exercise for your health. when you came from your office you can stop your bus before 1 or 2 stop at your home and walk for your home this will help you to take good breath and It is also good for your health.

Morning Walk: If you are lazy person then leave all the laziness it is not good for your health. You can go for morning walk select a green place like park or green road to walk. It will give your lungs fresh year and you will fell fresh for whole day.

Sport Activities: You can play cricket, football or any type of outdoor game. It will make you strong and increase your stamina level. Keep alert to choose a game don't choose those type of game which don't need physical activity like chess, carom board, video game etc. Playing game is very good thing it will keep you fit & healthy and give you tension free atmosphere.

Can Join Dance Classes: If you love to dance then you can join dance classes for quitting smoke. It will give fat less body and you will be full of self confidence.

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