You would have to be living under a rock to not realize that smoking is bad for your health. Smoking will lead to a host of unwanted side effects. You could end up with something fairly simple like shortness of breath to something incredibly serious like cancer.

Even with all of the bad things that are tied to smoking it is just plain hard to quit once you are totally addicted to smoking. So is it really possible to wiggle out of the stranglehold that smoking can put on a person? There are some people that have just plain decided to quit and done just that, quit cold turkey. There are other people that want to quit smoking but struggle so hard that they go back and forth with smoking and not smoking. So what is the answer? You can stop smoking through the use of self hypnosis.

When the topic of hypnosis is being discussed it can bring about a whole range of different emotions and opinions. What many do not know is that you do not need the assistance of a professional psychiatrist in order to self hypnotize yourself so that you can quit smoking and quit smoking for good. If you want to stop smoking through the use of self hypnosis then all you need to do is research the topic and then get started. If you are able to follow the steps correctly then you are going to wonder why you did not use this method of hypnotism sooner.

To begin stop smoking hypnosis process you are going to need to do some self questioning. You want to sit down and get to the core of why you smoke. You want to figure out what causes you to smoke. Is it out pure addiction or is there something that appears to trigger your need to smoke. Then you need to go even further and write a pro and con list of you smoking. What is going to happen to you physically and mentally and what kind of environmental issues will arise from you lighting up a cigarette. You need to be completely honest with yourself while doing this as this really comes down to life and death. You could quite smoking and become healthy and live longer or keep smoking and keep one foot in the grave.

Now as soon as you have come to piece with the option that quitting is the best way for you to go you need to continue on with the stop smoking self hypnosis procedure. You need to begin putting it into your subconscious that if you continue to smoke then you are going to be killing yourself slowly as well as all of those around you when you are smoking. Your mind is going to begin to slowly become aware of the fact that smoking is horribly wrong for you. It is also extremely bad for your family and you friends and frankly anyone that you come into contact with when you are smoking. Your mind will begin to become aware of the fact that it needs to help you stop smoking and stop smoking soon.

Another part of self help stop smoking hypnosis process is to start auto suggesting things to exchange for lighting up a cigarette. Some great suggest would be to pop in a piece of hard candy, talk to a friend, right a letter or taking up some kind of hobby. It will likely take some time for these auto suggestions to take effect but after time if it will start to work.

As soon as you are able to fully understand the points of self help stop smoking hypnosis and can put the hypnotism to work for you it won’t be long before you will be able to rid yourself from the cravings of nicotine and then stop smoking altogether.

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