Imagine you have a family with seven kids—and each one
has his own mind… And you decide that you want them to do something. What is the chance you will succeed in getting them to go along with your wishes?

That is just what a smoker goes through when something in him decides it wants to stop.

Let us say his Instinctive Force (where the addiction is) gets told by his doctor that unless he quits his smoking he is go- ing to get some terrible disease. So fear grips him, and he says, “Yes, I will quit New Years Day!”

New Years Day arrives, and he begins to stop his smoking.

But his Feeling Force cries out, “What is going on? You know I can’t live without smokes!”

Or his Moving Force grabs for a cigarette and--when he tries to stop this fetching, somehow he can’t. That Force
simply overwhelms him.

And even if somehow he gets those two Forces to try
“today” to stop smoking, along comes the Thinking Force and demands that the party tonight requires that he indulge in smoking-- to be sociable and a great conversationalist.

Another Force that no one talks about that gets hooked on smoking’s the Sexual Force; and that one can be brutal!
That might be the biggest cause of keeping people smoking-compared to the others.

“Why that one?” you ask in total bewilderment. Here’s why I sense this is the one. Most people are young when they take up the habit. They are lacking for something that helps them deal with their newfound sexuality. Smoking seems to fit in nicely with making young women feel sophisticated and young men feel cool and macho. Remember, they’re all young; and all that energy needs some outlet, and smoking has a way of using up some of that energy.

There are two more (Higher) Forces, which have little to say
about someone’s smoking, except to mourn the great loss of
one’s spiritual being when smoking’s taking place.

…So this is the problem that most smokers don’t realize they’re even up against. And how can they solve the prob- lem when they don’t even know what the problem involves?
Their chances of quitting are slim.

So what can these smokers do? Well… the first thing would
be to begin seeing how the Seven Forces might have influ-
ence over them and then devise a strategy that gets all the Forces to go along with their decision to give up smoking.

Right now, only seven percent of the smokers who want to stop manage to stop. The other ninety-three percent aren’t able to. Maybe this new awareness helps.

Author's Bio: 

Humbler Acts grew up in St. Louis, MO where he’s always
lived—but for five years abroad-- where he was a student at Eastbourne College and then at Oxford…He lived in Italy for
a brief spell after that.

Returning home, he went into the family steel business. After some years, he bought and ran his own steel company-- which lasted for thirty years.

Now he’s devoting his time and will to helping folks stop smoking. This career, which he’s long yearned to have,
satisfies a dream he had (“out of the blue”)-- some twenty
years ago—which stated: “Do work to keep folks from smoking.”

Now that he’s able to--he hopes to offer folks a unique way
to stop smoking.

Humbler’s been married for forty-eight years and has two grown sons. He’s a vegan, makes keeping dreams a key part
of acquiring knowledge, loves walking and enjoys reading Hebrew.