QUIZ - Way to Learn Current Affairs
Current affairs provide us with useful information about the things taking place around us. It can be any important information on a famous personality or details about an event that took place. All this information accumulates together and becomes what we term as Current Affairs of India. We need to make it a point to gain as much knowledge as possible, in order to stay updated and thereby, stay aware. Current affairs also help us to grow and become active members of the society. They make us independent by giving us an insight into the things happening around us and acquainting us with the basic functioning of the things. We don’t have to rely on others' accounts or get influenced by their decisions. Thus, we must gain as much knowledge as we can. This knowledge can be gained through newspapers, news channels, radio, and internet; but most importantly through quizzes. Quizzes are an important medium to gain information on current affairs.
Current affair knowledge is very important for our survival today. In this globalised world, where interdependency is growing rapidly, one can not survive in isolation. You need to stay in constant contact with the people and things around you in order to lead a healthy and safe life. This requires resorting to certain mediums of communication which keep you attached with the rest of the world. Especially in a country like India, which is so rich in cultural diversity, it is important to keep into consideration the demands and needs of all groups and religions, equally. Thus, unlike earlier times, current affairs are no more confined to a way of entertainment; they are more of a need of today. We learn from them, acquire knowledge from them, get to know our fellow Indians in a better picture, etc. Current affairs help us grow and get a clearer and better perception of the life we are living in.
It is very important to choose the right mediums to gain current affair knowledge. The mediums we resort to should be reliable and accurate. Quizzes are an interesting way to gain current affair information. They provide information and entertain you at the same time. They also provide different kind of information on various subjects together in a questionnaire format.
Thus, current affairs can easily be learnt through practicing quizzes. Reading the newspapers and watching news channels can also help you keep in constant touch with the current affairs taking place around you. Once your general awareness level is high, you can be a more confident being, and have a clearer and better perception of things around you.

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