Want to create and send quotes on mobile phones? Fed up of taking laptops along with you to manage your quoting activity? If yes, time to use mobile apps that are specifically designed to handle the quoting process on mobile phones.

Resellers involved in selling IT products, often use an IT quoting software to create quotes. If it's an on-premise software, managing quotes outside the premises of the office is no easy task.

Sales quoting is said to be tedious but if you change the approach to create quotes it can be handled with minimum effort. The process of manual quoting is error-prone and not suitable for managing complex quotes.
The use of software tools has definitely injected speed into the quoting process. However, on-premise tools restrict your quoting process to office PCs. Whereas web-based tools force you to carry your laptops from one place to another.

Mobile Apps - Next Level Convenience

A better option is to use mobile quoting apps that no longer limit your quoting activity to any specific device. Smartphones and tablets that you carry everyday can now be helpful to manage quotes.

With mobile apps, keeping a bird's eye view on your quoting process has never been so easier. Just open the app that has all the information you need to create quotes.

With the mobile app, you can get access to information such as customer, company, price list, product catalog etc., which will allow you to create comprehensive quotes in a matter of minutes.

Complex Quotes on Handheld Devices

Even a CPQ application has its own mobile app, which will allow you to create complex quotations on mobile phones. You can configure price and quote products on the run.

If you ever thought that complexity in quoting is not easy to handle, choose quoting apps and rest assured you can create any quote quickly irrespective of how complex the requirement is.

The quoting app is easy to use and designed to handle some of the most complex calculations. Once you start using it, you will definitely say that this is the most useful app that you have ever downloaded.

Go Mobile with Quote Creation

Make Quotation on mobile phone a reality by using a quoting app that will allow you to create quotes instantly on the go.

Keep in mind that customers will prefer to do business with you only if you provide services to your customers in a timely manner. With mobile apps, you don't make your customers wait for quotations as you can create quotes from anywhere at any time using your mobile devices.

Sales reps who frequently move from one place to another will particularly find the quoting app useful. The app will allow them to respond to any quote requests then and there.

Customers too will be happy to receive a quote instantly, which can definitely have a positive impact on your business in the long run.

Make your Sales Reps more Productive

When you incorporate mobile quoting apps into your store, you can expect the productivity of your sales reps to increase by leaps and bounds. The convenience of creating quotes on the fly will give a major boost to their performance.

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