Some of the life’s most successful stories begin unveiling once you’ve hit the rock bottom. Once the person is pushed to make a leap, is when he or she realizes their true potential to fly high. It was only a matter of that leap for Rachanaa Jain.
Born to a middle-class Indian family on February 21, Rachanaa Jain was having a decent childhood until everything started falling write in front of her eyes. Her father got stuck up in a property-related case, and just like that, there was no revenue stream left for the household. Rachanaa, being the eldest, made the move, and finally surface that skillset she possessed for herself and the world to witness.
She went on to win numerous awards, wrote an award-winning book, and became an idol for the millions of girls in her home country and across the world.
Rising High Over Mountains
After Rachanaa’s father got stuck into the financial turmoil, it was now or never for Rachanaa. She knew Reiki and was also quite exceptional with her art. So, she started advertising lessons for these at her place, and over fifty people showed up. Rachanaa stated earning a fair buck, enough to support her household, which gave her the confidence she needed to route for higher.
Soon after, Rachanaa received admission in the Middlesex University in London where she completed her MSc in financial management. This was also her chance to achieve the big dreams she had always dreamt of. To balance out her boring studies, she got a job in sales and rocked the numbers! Soon, thanks to her expanded social circle, she got approached to represent the UK at a beauty pageant in China. Rachanaa came back as a Runner-Up, and everything ever since has been spiraling upwards for this Indian lady.
Awards and Achievements
With the kind of life Rachanaa was spending, she could be a motivation for millions of girls back home, and those around the globe. She thought why not take this opportunity to write her first ever book, which she did. “Awake Your Dreams Stop Procrastinating! Start Achieving!” was a book to empower, educate, and enlighten how any girl, can achieve the hypes of success Rachanaa was enjoying in her life. The book talked about how a girl from a mediocre family in London went on to turn her longstanding dreams into reality.
Rachanaa has bagged a vast number of awards over the years. Here are a few of her most notable achievements:
• “Chakra Award” by World PHD in recognition
• “Exceptional Women of Excellence Award” by All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum at The Hague, the Netherlands
• “2nd Runner-Up Award” by Asia International Pageant at Hengdian Studios, Shanghai, China
• “100 Best Global Coaching Leaders Award” by World HRD Congress at Mumbai, India
• “Beautiful Survivor World of Honors” by Ladies of All Nations International at London, the UK
• “WAW Honorary Award” by Women Appreciating Women at London, UK Commons, London, the UK
• “100 Women Faces Award” by Womennovator and COWE
• “Authors Awards 2018” by Make the News at London, the UK
• “Miss Asia International Popularity 2017”
• “Build India NRI Achiever Award” by Bharat Nirman at New Delhi, India
Rachanaa Jain has appeared on television at a number of occasions and has also been featured in various magazines for her success stories. She herself owns two globally recognized magazines called, “Global Woman Magazine” and “WOW Magazine" which are published in over 100 countries across the globe. Currently, Rachanaa’s song "Dazzling Diva" is available on Spotify, iTunes, apple music, google play and many others.

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