Sitting on my closet floor with an intense audible cry and more tears then you could imagine, I felt the most intense sadness. Creating my dream life couldn't be fathomed for I was in the midst of living a numb and unresponsive life.

Your view of me was quite converse to my reality.

Good looking husband and two gorgeous almost grown teenagers
Big home with nice cars in the driveway
SVP title with hundreds of amazing employees who depended upon me
Income in the high six figures with lots of toys to show for it
Beautiful hotels while I traveled for work
A smile on my face

Family dynamics at an all time low and I was doing everything I could to make sure you didn't see the truth
The big house and nice cars only hid the tension behind those closed doors
My career had taken a major toll on me and I'd lost myself. I had been playing in a world filled with men and I couldn't even recognize who I'd become
I was spending it as fast as I earned it....filling the holes in my soul
My closet floor became my usual crying platform. While packing my suitcase for yet another business trip, I sat on the floor crying and begging God or anyone that would listen to help me find a way out
That smile on my face, well, it was a pathetic attempt to hid the truth of my pain. Looking back at my photos, the truth was written all over my face. If only you would have noticed.

We've been given an amazing gift. The gift is simply our capacity to recreate our dream life each and every day. In other words, the power is ALWAYS within us. Yes, I too did not believe that I had a dream life, let alone that I could live it. The truth is that my amazing life was patiently waiting for me and was ALWAYS within me.

1) Speak It
Become aware and speak your truth. Your first step is to verbalize the truth to yourself.
"I am exhausted beyond belief. I run here and there never really catching my breath. I can't answer the question of what makes me happy; I don't possess an answer for that simple but profound question. I go to bed drenched in sadness and I see no way back to ME. I've lost ME"

2) Speak It Again
Speaking this truth to a friend, spouse, coach or therapist. There is pure gold in speaking your truth. Own it, it's your truth and no one can take this away. You need to own it before you can disengage from it.

3) Let Go of What You Know
Let me tell you, this is no easy step. Letting go means that you willing to accept a different way of approaching this world. Letting go allows us to make room in our soul, in our heart and in our brain for a new way of living. With pen and paper, list 10 ways that you now approach life.
Up at 7:00 a.m. each day, it's hard to get going in the morning
I have to take life serious, I'm the only one that seems to get how serious life really is
I'm highly competitive and therefore I won't accept anything other then perfection from myself
I need recognition via awards, salary increases, etc.

4) Reframe It
Take time to read your statement out loud. Is this way of being in the world helping you to achieve your passion, bliss and joy? Would you describe this way of being in the world as a part of your "dream life"? It's time to reframe. Have some fun with this.
I'm out of bed by 6:00, which gives me an hour of "me" time before the family wakes up. I love this time to meditate and read the newspaper.
I'm going to dance like no one is watching and sing like no one can hear me and this will make me smile. -I am willing to do the soul work to bring an understanding that I am perfect at being me. There is no other person who is as perfect at being me. Therefore, I have no need to compete, I am perfect as is.
Recognition is received from within and in the form of self-love. I am willing to love myself deeply. True worth is being developed from the inside out.

5) Live it - Love It
You've taken an important step and for that, I am grateful. I hope you too are grateful. WIth each step in course correction, you will be greeted with a positive affirmation. Shhhh, listen...you are igniting your passion and purpose. Open your eyes wide, can you see beautiful signs that your are on the path to your dream life?

You CAN create your dream life and make the life changes that feed your soul. Your ability to radiate and shine is within reach; I can feel it, can you?

Dream Coach Deb
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Author's Bio: 

Debbie Ingle, Personal Dream Coach, participates in a true partnership with her amazing clients to find their passion, purpose and zest for life. Moving from the side-line of their life to a place of full engagement AND loving the shifts alone the way. Together we uncover extraordinary results by creating clarity and moving the client into effective action. Igniting passion, finding your purpose and living your dream life is all within reach.

After 25 years in Corporate America, I knew that I had lost myself and had to find an escape. With an SVP title, hundreds of employees who depended upon me, income in the high 6 figures, who would have guessed. I had achieved it all or so it appeared. Sitting on my closet floor, tears pouring down my cheeks, I vowed this would be the last sales conference, my last time on a stage reciting a presentation that I had absolutely no connection with. What I didn't quite yet know was just how lost I really was. What I didn't quite yet know was just how sad I really was.

What I didn't quite yet know is just how amazing my life would become.

What I now know is that I am here to facilitate others to find their passion, find their purpose and find their amazing self. Together, we will launch your new amazing life.