With the advancement in technology, now it is possible to heal cancer. This procedure is called radiation therapy. The therapy uses high energy radiation that shrinks the existing tumors and kills the cancer cells. The radiation therapy uses two types of this therapy - X-ray gamma rays and charged particles. This therapy is given with the intention to cure cancer either by eliminating a tumor or by preventing recurrence of cancer in the body. It uses high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. X-rays, gamma rays, and charged particles are types of radiation used for cancer treatment. Now you can get radiation therapy in your very own city Pune.

How does It work?

The therapy works in a way that it kills cancer cells by damaging their DNA. The Radiation therapy targets the DNA directly or else creates charged particles within the cancer cells that damage the DNA. The damaged cells are broken into pieces which are then eliminated by the body's natural processes.

Delivery methods

The radiation is delivered using a machine which is known as external beam radiation therapy or it may be delivered using a material placed inside the body which is known as internal radiation therapy.

Types of radiation therapy procedures

There are two ways using which cancer can be treated -

Ionizing-Radiation: It is dangerous in nature and can affect the development or growth of tumors. Natural sources like ultraviolet rays are used, CyberKnife or CAT Scans are used but as the DNA is vulnerable to it so it can prove to be dangerous.

Non-ionizing: Radiation energy is too low to be of much concern. It includes magnetic fields, ultrasound, visible light, infrared, radio waves, microwaves, power lines and lasers.

Palliative treatments: These are also used that intend to relieve symptoms and reduce the suffering caused by cancer.

Pros and cons of therapy

There are many pros and cons related to the therapy that must be once considered before going ahead with the treatment. These are:

Pros -

Eliminates the risk of cancer
Shrinks the size of tumor
Halts the recurrence of cancer cells
Helps in recovery
Cons -

Neurological impairments and cognitive issues can be developed like seizures, auditory processing, attention etc.
Increase in the growth of tumors and cancer cells
Hair loss
Nerve damage
Research to improve radiation therapy

Researchers are coming up with radiosensitizers and radioprotectors to modify a cell's response to radiation. While Radiosensitizers are drugs that make cancer cells more exposed to the effects of radiation therapy, Radioprotectors (also called radioprotectants) protect normal cells from the damage caused by radiation therapy.

Treatment in Pune

You can easily find so many hospitals in Pune that treat cancer using radiation therapy. Prominent hospitals like Poona hospital, Lakshya Cancer Hospital, Bora hospital, Express clinic, Dr. Deo's Surgical Clinic etc. are the few hospitals and treatment centers that you can look up to for getting cancer treated. So get your appointment fixed and go for a session to get your treatment done at the right time.

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