The power of the human mind is truly remarkable. You’re consciously aware of the content of this article as you read it, but the focus of your collective subconscious mind is likely elsewhere, and is infinitely more powerful.

Ultimately, you can’t control what your subconscious mind does; it greatly influences your thinking and actions and doesn’t always go along with your conscious decisions.

“I need one of those baby monitors from my subconscious to my consciousness so I can know what the hell I'm really thinking about.”
Steven Wright

Pretending to be absolutely rational in decision-making is an amusing, universal human trait; the subconscious mind’s fears, defenses, biases, and strengths guide and potentially even overpower your conscious thinking, even though you believe your conscious mind is logically determining your behavior.

Everyone has a unique collection and varying degrees of subconscious fears and defenses, which sometimes cause questionable behavior. It’s good to keep in mind that nobody is perfect and you can’t just put aside ingrained, concealed fears and defenses anymore than you can put aside the need for regular sleep.

It’s possible to modify many subconscious fears such as fear of abandonment, but you must learn to live with other, more deep-rooted fears.

Subconscious defenses are more difficult to modify. Subconscious resistance-type defense patterns such as domineering behavior are some of the more menacing personality traits and are hard to adjust.

Escape-type subconscious defense patterns, such as severe evasiveness seem to be the most difficult to modify.

Below we summarize numerous, common, problematic subconscious traits, including fears and defenses.

1. One of the most misery-inducing, hidden personality traits is excessive resentment. It’s common to take some time to forgive wrongs, but the inability to let go of past wrongs and finally fully forgive is a sign that the subject may do great harm to her emotional well-being. Those perceived injustices could pile up and pollute an otherwise beautiful soul.
2. Excessive inhibition and sensitivity to criticism are two traits that can greatly hinder partnerships of all kinds; the subject is too hesitant and shy, making healthy interpersonal and business relationships almost impossible.
3. Excessive secretiveness and, or evasiveness can also greatly impede interpersonal and business relationships. The subject covertly acting on her own accord behind the scenes, refusing to convey important information, and a general lack of transparency leaves others wondering whether they should dissolve the partnership.
4. An individual who has great difficulty living up to his asserted convictions displays a lack of integrity. It isn’t very pleasant to discover that someone close to you says he believes in one thing, yet does the opposite. This is one reason why it’s important to be very cautious in dealings with career politicians.
5. Excessive dishonesty is often associated with criminal behavior. Thus, those who are insincere, deceivers and, or blatant liars should be avoided at all costs.
6. The danger of excessive conflict avoidance is that the subject could be manipulated and maneuvered into a desired decision or direction. It’s also one of those traits that, although it initially contributes to fewer arguments in partnerships, it can ultimately cause a lot of discord. Eventually, potential ill feelings and differences will surface in some form or another.
7. Excessive defiance and, or stubbornness involves the subject resorting to unreasonable and unyielding behavior to her and others’ detriment. She is unaccommodating and makes a sport out of being uncooperative.
8. An individual who inordinately bluffs is an extraordinary pretender and can’t be taken seriously. Eventually, he is exposed as a phony.

Remarkably, just by being conscious of the fact that you have hidden character traits can be a huge help in self-discovery and getting the most out of your life.
After you address your concealed challenges, it’s much easier to take advantage of your hidden talents.

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