I believe that it's very healthy to listen to interesting conversations on the radio. On the one side it might be somebody with a totally different point of view to your own or it could be another person reinforcing your own views. From time to time it will be a topic that is close to your own situation and the views being aired might make you very cross.

This now raises the question of the responsibility of the broadcasters. My belief is that we must have lines which must not be crossed. Swearing and profanity are the obvious ones but it is very hard to define such lines and only education and experience will be the guides. By education, I don't just mean academic certificates. Many people are extremely well educated by their life experiences. Others never learn from their experiences. Hitherto, before podcasting, the BBC and other employers would have their guidelines. These have now been crossed and the founding fathers of the BBC no longer can rely on their morals and ethos to keep the standards. Society has changed and societies differ from country to country. If education is to mean anything then I believe we must keep to standards and not allow just anything to be said anywhere and at any time. These are indeed exciting time for podcasters.

My point is that we are in a position to criticise and praise and to influence those who wish to listen to us.
My overriding wish is to make life interesting and enjoyable via my podcasts. They are only a miniscule effort in the overall mass of podcasts and broadcasts. I try to find people with interesting views and give them topics they like to talk about. I think it's good to look at serious points and then draw back with a tinge of comedy.
My guest Neil Colbourne fits the bill and I hope you'll enjoy Neil's views. The podcasts can be found at -


Author's Bio: 

Vince is a qualified teacher, experienced broadcaster and enthusiastic podcaster. He tries to combine all these aspects of his life in bringing his podcasts to the listeners. Neil Colbourne is the step-brother to the late great impressionist Dustin Gee and Neil played high level soccer in the UK.Both are now living in Spain