Doctors are helpful for the Radiology which provides 3-d and 4-d images of the body organ which is ill. Radiology is used for the diagnosis and the treatment of the body organ where the disease is there. It provides the image of the human body parts inside the human body. It has a lot of imaging technologies. For example x-ray radiography, computed tomography, ultrasound, positron emission tomography, nuclear medicine etc.

It uses magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis or the treatment of the diseases. There is interventional radiology which has the performance of the medical system and it is minimally invasive. The task of achievement of the medical imaging is performed by the help of the radiographer. It is also done by the help of radiologic technologist. There are many imaging modalities which are used for the diagnostic radiology.

Actually radiographs are made by the transmission of the X-rays. The rays are captured on a device and then it is converted to the image for the purpose of the
diagnosis. Impregnated films of the silver are produced by the original and the still and the common imaging. There is radiography of the film screen an x-tube is
there. It produces x-ray beams which are targeted to the patient. The x-rays are filtered while passing through the patients. It reduces scatter and the noise and then it falls on a film which is undeveloped.

It can keep tight to a screen which contains phosphors. There are light emitting phosphors. It works on a cassette which is light-tight. The film is developed by a
chemical reaction and an image is produced. Nowadays digital photography is there instead of film-screen radiography. X-rays falls on a sensors plate. It converts the signals which are produced in the digital information and it produces and image on the computer screen. In the first 50 years of the radiology plain
Radiology was there to make the images. It was the only mode in that time.

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