every combination has both good and bad effects. Do not jump to conclusions by just seeing one combination in a chart. While it is true that Rahu in Lagna may give health problems at your young age (especially before the age of 9), and Ketu in the 7th can give troubles related to marriage and relationships, it is just not enough to jump to conclusions. If the Lagna lord is strong enough, and/or Jupiter aspects Rahu (should not conjoin Rahu as its beneficence will get destroyed), most of the health problems will not manifest and may get cured very easily. Ketu in the seventh house, if aspected by Jupiter and with a well-placed Seventh lord, may actually give you a good marriage with a spiritual spouse. Besides, we need to check the Lagna and 7th house of the navamsa to come to any conclusion about marriage.

Also, note that Rahu in Lagna can give you immense fame and money as well. It makes you very ambitious and also gives you the fruits of youR ambition and hard work if Rahu is in the sign of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra (provided its dispositor and Nakshatra lord is well placed and the 11th lord and house are strong enough). People like Karunanidhi, George H W Gush and Dirubhai Ambani have this combination. Also, these people are very intelligent. They make fantastic businessmen and politicians. However, Rahu in this position, whether positive or negative, will always give you an unknown fear, depression, mental tension, and anxiety. It may also give schizophrenia or OCD if badly afflicted (such as in Scorpio Lagna). This placement may either give you amazing health in a way incomprehensible to a common man (think a 90-year-old who drinks like a fish and smokes 3 packets of cigarettes a day and is still going strong), or health problems that no formal doctor can diagnose. Rahu in Lagna in Taurus, cancer or aries protects the native and his Lagna from all threats and problems, especially during its Dasha or Antara Dasha.

For judging Rahu and Ketu, always look at the sign they are placed in, the disposition strength, the planets conjoining or aspecting it, and the Nakshatra lord. That will tell you the type of results Rahu will give by Best astrologer in Chennai

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