Rahu in the 1st house gives good results and if placed in good Rasi, Rahu gives wealth unexpectedly. The native may be short-tempered but with sharp intelligence. The native will achieve a higher position in the profession through his own efforts. The natives witness some obstacles during early life. The first house also indicates health. If afflicted, it creates diseases related to the upper part of the body. The native being dominant nature may face problems in a married lie.
1st house in the horoscope represents the personality, physical appearance, character, temperament, self-identity, strengths, weaknesses, physical constitution as well as health.
Rahu in this position also creates chances of an accident. Such people tend to feel burdened in life. Their longevity also suffers due to Rahu in Scorpio since it is also associated with the 8th house. Such people however are strong and defeat enemies. They do well in research. They also earn a lot of wealth in life, but often using the wrong means. They tend to look for shortcuts in life. There is also a tendency to indulge in anti-social and criminal activities. Fields like medicine and surgery often appeal to these natives.
Rahu in 1st house if operating negatively and under negative afflictions can make a person “Narcissistic”, self-obsessed and egoistic. Such people would love to talk about themselves, magnify their achievements and sufferings, would look to gain attention in gatherings, would look for ways to self promote by creating a false projection on other people

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