if Rahu is good ketu is bad if ketu is good rahu is bad. Well it's true but not fully. They both can be mixed bag.

Now Rahu and ketu are Shadow planets. It depends where the dispositer is.

For example Ketu is in libra now which house is libra. What does it represent? Where the lord/dispositer of the fourth house venus is. Which house does it own. Does it own good bhavas. And check in chalit which house ketu is it did move ahead or backward.

In the dasha, it can bring detachment and misunderstanding with the area it represents in the chart but at the same time , it can make you spiritual too. If lord of the house owns good houses it will affect that areas. And give results of the chart it owns.

Ketu is the body of the demon. It represents what naturally you have excelled in past life you will be good in that area of life naturally. Ketu dasha can make someone isolated , and also give accidents.

Be nice to dogs even if you can't keep them feed them feed the strays, and also pray lord ganesha. Because Ketu represents dogs. So am saying this take it as humanity pov and not astrology pov. But that's the advice astrologers give too, apparently you activate the positives similarly for rahu be nice to both cats and dogs. Rahu and ketu always are in axis.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.