Dog feeders help in dispensing the right quantity of food at the right time in a sterile atmosphere and these are good options to train the dog to eat from its own bowl instead of foraging from the floor. One of the advantages of an elevated dog feeder is that it slows down eating and prevents the life threatening condition of bloat in canines.

Older dogs with joint pains or arthritis will find it easy to eat from a raised dog feeder as they need not crouch too much to reach to the food. Dog feeders should be bought according to the size of your dog. If you have a puppy, it is recommended to buy an automatic dog feeder which can be used through adulthood. These have a programmable timer that can be set to dispense food at fixed hours, which will make sure that the dig s fed at the right quantity at the right intervals without the risk of over eating. It is a good choice for pet owners who remain out all day. There are also travel dog feeders made of collapsible nylon, which can be packed and carried with you on holidays.

Most of the feeders are in stainless though porcelain and ceramic bowls are also available. Steel feeders are easy to clean and are well suited even for large dogs like the mastiff whereas ceramic feeder needs delicate handling. Make sure to choose a lightweight and rot resistant dog feeder with low thermal conductivity and maintenance needs.

Raised dog feeders ensure the right posture for your dogs and will help in better digestion because the food is easily and smoothly carried to the stomach when the dog eats from a raised dog feeder. Better and complete digestion will also make the pet active and happy all day.
Dog feeders are available in pet shops, which stock a range of dog feeders of all possible sizes and shapes. Adjustable feeder would cost you more than steel or ceramic feeders. In case you are looking for something fanciful that go with your home décor, search online pet shops.

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In case you are looking for a dog feeder , the best place to find the best range of models would be the online pet shops, where you can buy everything that you may need for your dog including dog stairs and dog leashes among others at attractive prices.