Your guides have agreed to help you live your highest path and life purpose, including your highest consciousness, but because of free will, they cannot help you unless you ask for their assistance.

Most people are unaware of the purpose of communicating with their spirit guides. The general belief is that spirit guides are for occasional guidance, for guidance on a limited number of topics, for spiritual wisdom and to see things from a higher, more spiritual perspective. Many people believe that the guidance available from their guides isn't applicable in the physical world. There is a belief that the spirit world doesn't understand what it's like to be in a human body so how could they offer relevant guidance and suggestions beyond certain topics.

What most people don't realize is that their spirit guides can offer guidance that is enormously applicable to the physical world. One area that your guides excel at is raising your consciousness. They do this by helping you release the fears and beliefs contained in the ego that keep you from creating a life of peace, harmony, prosperity, love and joy.

If you aren't creating your life with the help of your spirit guides you are creating from your ego. The problem that arises with this is that your ego has fears and beliefs that will keep you feeling stuck and working on tasks and projects that aren’t necessary for your success. These fears and beliefs even impact your intuition and can pose a problem if you are following your heart. One belief is that hard work is going to get you what you desire. Another belief is that you are a more valuable and respectable person if you work hard. Your ego has a fear that if you don't work hard you'll never get ahead. You can see how it would be difficult to create your life from your ego's perspective and expect to have a life of peace, harmony, prosperity, love and joy. Your ego believes hard work is how to create a life of your dreams. This is not true!

These are only a few examples of the beliefs and fears contained in your ego and inhibit living a peaceful, harmonious, prosperous life. Your guides will help you release these fears and beliefs. Communicating with your spirit guides will transform your experience. It is raising your consciousness through releasing these fears and beliefs that transforms your experience. If you don’t release these fears and beliefs you limit the changes that can occur in your life.

Another reason it is recommended to create your life with the help of your spirit guides is that your ego has a limited view of what is occurring around it. It thinks it knows who to talk to, what needs to be done, how to do tasks and when to do them. Your spirit guides have an expanded view and so are aware of fortuitous events and circumstances your ego has no way of knowing. They know how to take advantage of the events and circumstances in the most effective way which will lead you to a life of peace, harmony, prosperity, love and joy. Your spirit guides will tell you which tasks need to be done and which tasks are not needed for your purposes. Your spirit guides may surprise you with ideas that are more enjoyable, better suited to you and more successful than your own ideas or they will confirm the ideas that you have.

~ Would you like to create your life from your true heart’s desires; that which is aligned with your authentic self and will bring you the most happiness, peace, harmony and love?

~ Are you interested in fulfilling your highest consciousness and potential?

~ Would you like to live a life of joy, pleasure, fulfillment, relaxation and prosperity rather than feeling like you are working hard and getting nowhere?

~ Would you like clarity on the best path for you to follow in order to manifest and live the life of joy, pleasure, fulfillment, relaxation and prosperity that you desire?

Learning how to communicate with your spirit guides is not extravagant. It is a highly effective, significant and sophisticated strategy for raising your consciousness and manifesting your dreams.

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Lisa Dieken is dedicated to helping others raise their consciousness, live their life purpose and manifest their dreams. She offers an online course called “Communicating with Your Spirit Guides.” It is available as a 5-week online course and as an online self-study course. Lisa also offers written assistance, one-on-one telephone healing sessions and wisdom sessions, mentorships, an email publication and additional online classes.

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