You must be comfortable in the ambiguity of life. You create your destiny, but the opportunities are left to chance. That is where the spirit resides.

What influences your experiences are your beliefs in yourself. Your expectations and assumptions. Your perceptions of your feelings and moods. [All of these things rely on divine intervention to align the energy waves to be ‘picked up’ by your unique antennae.]

Ask ourselves from what level are we creating our realities? … Is it from a constricted point of view, or from an expansive point of view?

To ascertain your purpose in life, you must have your basic needs met. Those are: Survival, Safety, Achievement, Success, Love, Relationships, Self Esteem, Higher Consciousness, Intention, Inspiration, and Insight.

Then you can concentrate on your inner being and figure out your purpose on this planet. [Asking the question: ‘Who am I?’] Beyond this skin encapsulated ego...

Take the time for reflection. Pursue excellence, [on your own terms], and you will eventually reach your goals.

It is with GREAT GRATITUDE that we go with the flow of abundance. Not just grateful for what you have, but for what you ARE!

Once you become sincerely grateful, all energies will align to present you with the optimal choices to be made.

Our physical bodies are made of stardust [hydrogen, oxygen, minerals, etc… all from a super nova.] When we come to this point in our journey, and become self-aware, we can better find our place in the abundance of the living universe. This creates our cosmic identity and that is the way through which we become enlightened.

Not only to accept what is, but consciously express gratitude for it.

Being grateful is the single most transformational, powerful thing you can do in your life today...

If you will give it attention, open it up, and expand it, the more you are grateful, the more things you have to be grateful for…

Put it on pause momentarily, and be grateful for the places you HAVE BEEN, where/what you ARE, and where and what you WILL BE…

Existence itself.

When we silently thank the universe for our very being, then it opens the door to abundance.

Thank you for the steady beating of my heart, for the music, and for the love that comes my way.

As a stone dropped into a still pond… the ever-expanding, all inclusive continuum, touches the hearts of all humanity into infinity.

I have been put on this planet to spread love and joy through my music.

Gratitude is my prayer.

We must ALL come from a place of GRATITUDE in order to optimally participate in the pursuit of our destiny.

I am thankful for this spirit and for the body, which I'm temporarily occupying. Thank you for my heart and multiple energy fields with which to raise my awareness of my experiences, on all levels. Thank you for this system of blood corpuscles, nerve endings, various emotional receptors, and the encased layer of skin that holds it all together. [Granted, it's NOT tight and firm as it used to] And thank you most of all for the health and wellness of my body. I went from being in a wheelchair to being a 'normally' functioning human being! The mind is a powerful tool. When harnessed, it's energies can alter ANYTHING! Thanks be to the Higher Power!

I am grateful first of all, for mySELF. Today I am also thankful for Tom & Cher, Wolf, and the many people of the DAV. I am grateful for the appreciation and support of my musical talents. I give thanks for the 'smooth ride' to my inevitable destination of spreading the ultimate emotion...LOVE... I've simply got to GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY [and let the infinite universe carry out its own design.] And thanks goes to all that are in 'tune' to my energy frequencies. Thank you for creating balance. Balance gives us an exclusive starting point, midway. This is 'the line' that EVERYONE HAS. When it comes to: Black/White...Right/Wrong eliminations... it's difficult to make the ultimate choice. [Because each particular choice - depending on this decision,] will unabashedly affect every single incident that happens to you, from this point forward.


EVERYTHING has a cause/effect relationship. We are truly all connected. We've got to concentrate on the commonalities instead of the differences, and have nothing but respect for one another. This is the basis for LOVE AND JOY! GIVING from a state of GRATITUDE is the do-all in spreading the LOVE.


Conceive, believe, and expect.

What you can dream or envision, you can achieve.

Author's Bio: 

Born in Kenton, Ohio [but living in the metro-Phoenix area since 1976], this author has experienced epiphanies on many levels, and many times over, but she has finally, comfortably, settled on the viewpoint of the exchanging of cosmic [karmic] energies, in this boundless, living universe.